Appiano Foundation
Fondazione Appiano
Coat of Arms of the Istalian Empire
Type Private
Industry Venture Capital
Heritage conservation
Founded 4589, Istalia
Headquarters 2, Via degli Archi Oscuri, Romula, Mezzodiurno
Area served Istalia, worldwide
Key people Emperor of the Istalians (Chairman)
Products Investments
Personal funds
Heritage conservation
Owner Imperial House of Istalia
Employees 547

The Appiano Foundation is a portfolio of private companies, museums, and art collections owned by the Imperial House of Istalia. It is essentially a cap for a multitude of investments, such as the GFCAB, the Nobile Cantina degli Appiano (Winery), Altopiano Spa (agricultural and forest company), Riso&Risi (rice production and sale), and real estate holdings in Istalia.
As of 4597, there were 15 companies and 2 museums owned by the Foundation which, furthermore, detains shares of many corporations worldwide. The Foundation also plays national heritage roles.


The foundation is a Romula-based establishment, created in 4589, to manage assets of the Imperial Portfolio. Despite the Emperor is the main beneficiary of the foundation at the present time, the other members and cadet branches of the family detains more than half of the foundation's share maintaining important decision-making powers.

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