City of Ar-Rahar


Aerial view of Ar-Rahar
Country Solentia
Region An Namer
Government Mayor-council
  Governing body Ar-Rahar City Council
  Ruling party(s) Supreme Ahmadi Council
Population ~1.7m (4960)

Ar-Rahar formerly known as Akra is a major metropolitan city in Solentia. It is located in the region of An Namer and serves as the capital of the region. It is reported underneath a 4960 census that the population of Ar-Rahar is roughly 1.7m people, making it one of the largest cities in Solentia. Ar-Rahar is widely considered to be the "second city" of Solentia, serving briefly as the capital of country before its return to Al-Haliya by the Supreme Ahmadi Council in Solentia in October, 4694.


The "Solentian Tower" a major skyscraper in Solentia is located in Ar-Rahar. The city is also home to the National History Museum and the "Akra Cathedral" sometimes known as the "Solentian Grand Cathedral", the primary cathedral of the Luthorian Church of Solentia. It is the site of Ar-Rahar Stadium, sometimes called the "Solentian Dome" famous for its baseball and concerts.

Ar-Rahar is also home to a military base of the Armed Forces of Solentia. The Military Intelligence Directorate possess signals and communications intelligence units on the base and it is widely considered to be used in domestic counter-intelligence, spying and regional counter-intelligence and spying.

Demographics and cultureEdit

Ar-Rahar was one of the first cities to approve of the vast rename due to its large Majatran population due to An Namer's location close to Kafuristan. According to recent census, it has decreased, but Ar-Rahar is home to several prominent Dundorfian enclaves, notably Dorvish.


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