limba arbãneascã, arbãneașce
Region Kalopia-Wantuni
Ethnicity Arbanian people
Native speakers 5 million  (3722)
Language family
  • Enetric
  • Selucic
  • South Selucic
Writing system Selucian (Latin) alphabet
Recognised minority language in Kalopia-Wantuni
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Arb

The Arbanian language (limba arbãneascã or arbãneașce) is a South Selucic language spoken primarily in Kalopia-Wantuni. Arbanian is closely related to Ushalandan, with which it shares similar morphology and syntax, as well as a large common vocabulary inherited from Ancient Selucian. An important source of dissimilarity between Ushalandan and Arbanian is the adstratum languages; whereas Ushalandan has been influenced to a greater extent by the Delic languages, Arbanian has been more influenced by Kalopian, with which it has been in close contact throughout its history. Arbanian is usually written with a Selucian script, but it can also be written with a Kalopian script.

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