Total population
5 million
Regions with significant populations
KalopiaWantuni Kalopia-Wantuni 3.9 million
Arbanian, Kalopian
Terran Patriarchal Church
Related ethnic groups

The Arbanians (Arbanian language: Arbãnji) are a Selucic ethnic group in Kalopia-Wantuni and one of the nation's many minorities. Arbanians are closely related to the Ushalandans of Deltaria. Traditionally leading a pastoral and semi-nomadic lifestyle, Arbanians form scattered communities across Siphina, Sessold, and Minosasa. Most Arbanians belong to the Terran Patriarchal Church.

Arbanian People and ReligionEdit

Physical CharacteristicsEdit


Behind the ScenesEdit

The Arbanians are Aromanians OOC.

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