Arch Patriarch
Justus XI



In office
3876 – 3903
Preceded by
Succeeded by

Theognosian Apostolic Delegate to Egelion
In office
3865 – 3876

Archbishop of Helios
In office
3850 – 3876

Cardinal of the Theognosian Church
In office
3859 – 3876

5th of August, 3804
Helios, Kalopia
5th of September, 3903 (99 years old)

His Holiness, Arch-Patriarch Justus XI (born Frangiskos Pneumadoulos, Φραγκίσκος Πνεύμαδουλος) was Arch-Patriarch of the Aurorian Patriarchal Church from 3876 to 3903. An early champion of the cause of Aurorian Patriarchal reunion, then-Archbishop Pneumadoulos served as the Theognosian Arch-Patriarch's Apostolic Delegate to Selucian Patriarchal Egelion, where his cordial relationships with the local hierarchy convinced him of the viability of a reunion. His election as Arch-Patriarch following the Second Council of Auroria was seen by many to be a compromise between the two Churches as the new Arch-Patriarch was a Theognosian, but not of the main Theognosian rite, belonging to the Augustan Church.

His diplomatic reputation has led many to expect that the new Arch-Patriarch will seek to bring the Churches together as a conciliator. He himself has confirmed that his choice of the name Justus XI, after the Selucian Arch-Patriarch St. Justus III, was deliberately made to stress his wish to be an Arch-Patriarch for all the Faithful.

He dies on Semptember 5th, 3901 in Auroria.

Full title Edit

His Holiness, Arch-Patriarch Justus XI, Bishop of Auroria, Vicar of Elijah Hosios, Successor of St. Michael the First Apostle, Supreme Watcher and Ecumenical Arch-Patriarch of the Holy Apostolic Church, First and Equal among the Patriarchs, Father of the Bishops, Primate of Selucia, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Aurorian Province, Sovereign of the City State of the Empyrean Temple, Servant of the Faithful.

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