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Arch-Patriarch Thomas Justus (Wrnukaek: Thms Jstus; born Daníl Hnanja, 8 July 4739) is Arch-Patriarch and leader of the Aurorian Patriarchal Church. Following the death of Arch-Patriarch Benedictus X in January 4796 he was elected as the Arch-Patriarch as an outsider candidate amid a period of extended tension between the Church and the Selucian government.

Prior to his election as Arch-Patriarch, Thomas Justus was the Archbishop of Vrkzel and the only Jelbic within the College of Cardinals. Upon his election he became the first Jelbic Arch-Patriarch, the first from Vanuku and the first from within the Patriarchate of Augusta and the Augustan Rite tradition for centuries.

In 4799, Thomas Justus officially relocated from the Selucian capital of Auroria to the historic centre of the Theognosian Church in Ville de Saints. The decision received a mixed response and attracted some criticism for a lack of determination to stand up to the government. Despite relocation, the Arch-Patriarch remained the Bishop of Auroria.

Over the following years the Arch-Patriarch returned sporadically to the city of Auroria depending on the position in the Selucian government. In the early 49th century, the Thomas Justus spend a number of summers in the country based primarily in the capital.

Personal life[edit | edit source]

Throughout his time as Archbishop of Vrkzel, Hnanja spoke frequently of his "mixed heritage" background and how it helped him when engaging in interfaith dialogue and seeking cooperation between Vanuku's various ethnic, linguistic and religious communities. Although he identifies primarily as "Jelbic", his paternal grandmother was from Dankuk's Dranianos community and his maternal grandfather was Bihezi.

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