Archduke of Hulstria

Prince of Talmoria

Prince of Tirgith

Father Ferdinand II of Hulstria
Mother Princess Harriet of Talmoria
Spouse Elizaveta von Tolokomansk
Titles and Styles
  • HIM the Archduke of Hulstria
  • HRNH the Prince of Tirgith
  • HRH the Prince of Talmoria
  • HRH the Prince of Vorona
Date of Birth June 19th, 2916
Date of Death
Imperial Dynasty Rothingren-Traugott

His Imperial Majesty Maximilian, Archduke of Hulstria, Prince of Tirgith (b. June 19th, 2916, Bear's Den, Heinrichgrad, Trigunia) was the third child and son of Ferdinand II of Hulstria and Princess Harriet of Talmoria. Archduke Maximilian was married to Elizaveta Aksyonova von Tolokomansk, daughter of the Count of Tolokomansk, a Trigunian noble; they had two children together, Archduchess Harriet, named after Maximilian's mother, and Archduke Albert. Maximilian's paternal grandparents were Maximilian VII of Hulstria and Idda, Countess of Savonia, and his maternal grandparents were George VI of Talmoria and Sophia, Countess of Leadore.

Early Life & EducationEdit

His Imperial Majesty Maximilian, Archduke of Hulstria, Prince of Tirgith was born on June 19th, 2916, Ferdinand II of Hulstria and Princess Harriet of Talmoria.

Military CareerEdit

Official DutiesEdit

Archduke Maximilian acted as a representative of his father Ferdinand II of Hulstria and serves in the Hulstrian delegation to the International Monarchist League, including others. Maximilian currently serves on the executive board for the World Economic Forum and regularly attends all meetings and conferences held by the WEF. In both Greater Hulstria and Trigunia Archduke Maximilian took up a wide range of patroanges; in Trigunia he was most active in the fields of education and culture. In the early 2950s Archduke Maximilian was named the honorary president of the Heinrichgrad based Hulstro-Trigunian Industrial Relations Council; in 2951 the Archduke was named as the Hulstrian special ambassador to Trigunia and heads the main Hulstrian embassy in Heinrichgrad.

Personal InterestsEdit


Archduke Maximilian currently presides in Heinrichgrad, Trigunia. During most of the year Maximilian and his family preside at the Bear's Den though do have another private residence in the Trigunian capital. In Greater Hulstria his main residences are Fliederbrunn Palace and Castle Hulstria.




Archduchess Harriet
Archduke Albert

Titles & StylesEdit

Hulstrian Phoenix Flag
The Imperial Crownlands of Greater Hulstria:
  • Archduke of Hulstria
Primary form of address
  • His Imperial Majesty Maximilian, Archduke of Hulstria
Talmorian flag
Democratic Empire of Talmoria:
  • Prince of Talmoria
Primary form of address
  • His Royal Highness Maximilian, Prince of Talmoria
Trigunia Bear 2
The Great Princedom of Trigunia:
  • Prince of Tirgith
Primary form of address
  • His Royal Northern Highness Maximilian, Prince of Tirgith
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