Aretic Archonate of Sekowo

Old Sekowo Flag.png
  2402-2436   Sekowo Flag 2.png

            Flag                               Coat of Arms

"Lost Carcosa"
Sekowo Geopolitical
Capital                     Carcosa
Languages             Kunikata, Orinco, Canrillaise, Tsekwon
Government           Archonate


Legislature             Concilium Avataron

In 2402, Sekowo was brought under the control of Aretist parties, who renamed the country as the Aretic Archonate of Sekowo. Sekowo was than restructured as a feudal, agricultural nation subjugating the people, or Dema, under the rule of the bureaucratic caste, the Acolya, and the spiritual and political leaders of the state, the Avatara. Sekowo's western plains were converted into massive plantations harvesting Flavian, and the the state's investment in defense hardware led to the rise of a large industrial base in the south.

By the 2430's, following the First Sekowan Civil War and popular hatred for Aretism the Aretic government has gradually been losing influence to both groups on the political left and right. The official end of the Aretic era was 2436, thirty-two years after its inception.

The Modern era officially started in 2440 with the Federal legislative elections, marking the beginning of several decades of peace.

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