Նռկտէկըյ - Nrktékai
Total population
7 million
Regions with significant populations
Neipon Pontesi 6 million
Aurorian Patriarchal Church, Terran Patriarchal Church
Related ethnic groups
Hobrazians, Pntek

The Arev Mardik, also known as Nrkték (Nrakti: Նռկտէկըյ, Nrktékai), are an ethnic group concentrated in northernmost Pontesi.


The Nrktek are Pontesi's longest known inhabitants. They are believed to have moved to the northern mountains of Pontesi after a prehistoric and unexplained migration from present day Hobratsia and the surrounding area. The Arev Mardik lived in Pontesi's mountains for many years and were relatively unimpacted by the Jelbo-Tukaric Migrations that saw Jelbic tribes settle in the lowlands of Pontesi.


The term "Nrktek" is roughly translatable to "Highlanders" in Luthoran, but they usually refer to themselves Arev Mardik (Sun People) in their own language.

The Nrakti (Նռագթի) skriptEdit

The Nrakti script is an unique characteristic of the Nrktek, also adopted to write the Pntek language.

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