The Barmenistan military is one of the most formidable on Terra. The Armed Fighters of Barmenia consists of the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, and the Gendarmerie.

The combined troop strength of the Armed Forces of Barmenistan is about 1.23 million soldiers (2952).

Joint Chiefs of StaffEdit

Barmenian Navy Admiral: Henry L. Phillips

Barmenian Marine Corp. General: Connor C. Gould

Barmenian Army General: Louie C. Adams

Barmenian Navy Admiral: Nicholas C. Fleming

Barmenian Air Force General: Harry Z. Spencer

Barmenian Marine Corp. General: Oliver M. Singh

Branches Edit

The Armed Forces of Barmenistan consists of four branches:


Main article: Army of Barmenistan

Barmenia has one of the most formidable armies in the world. The Land Fighters (Barmenian: Rilaékshlajhiko) is the army branch of the Armed Forces of Barmenistan. The total number of troops is about .23 million. The Army can deploy four army corps troops to conduct joint operations at short notice, and can conduct air assault operations with a lift capability of several battalions at a time, day and night.

Structure Edit

The Land Fighters are organized into the following commands:

  • Ground Forces Command
    • First Army Command – Kathre
      • First Battle Tank Battalion
      • First Artillery Regiment
    • Second Army Command – Ekde
      • Second Battle Tank Battalion
      • Second Artillery Regiment
    • Third Army Command – Varishehr
      • Third Battle Tank Battalion
      • Third Artillery Regiment
    • Fourth Army Command – Koslapylz
      • Fourth Battle Tank Battalion
      • Fourth Artillery Regiment
    • Fifth Army Command – Zàt'ju'stad
      • Fifth Battle Tank Battalion
      • Fifth Artillery Regiment
  • Training Command – Salve
    • Battle Tank Training Battalion
    • Artillery Training Regiment
  • Logistics Command – Kathre
  • Aviation Command – Ekde
    • Aviation Brigade
  • Nuclear Command – Ekde

Main Equipment Edit

Army of Barmenistan
4,588battle tanks
2,820armoured personnel carriers
411attack helicopters
904anti-aircraft guns
132rocket artillery
1,004self-propelled artillery
884towed artillery
149recoilless artillery
206automatic grenade launchers
245thermonuclear ICBMs
943tactical ICBMs
tons of assorted chem weapons
tons of assorted bio weapons


Main article: Navy of Barmenistan

Supported by its replacement ships, the Marine Fighters can participate in international operations and exercises on every major sea and ocean of Terra.

The Marine Fighters (Barmenian: Umisiékshlajhiko) is the navy branch of the Armed Forces of Barmenistan. Supported by its replacement ships, the Navy can participate in international operations and exercises on every major sea and ocean of Terra. Submarines can individually navigate up to 155,000 nautical miles and return back to their home bases. Commander of the Navy: Marine Fighters’ Leader (Fleet Admiral) Staarj Nokimoto

Structure Edit

  • Fleet Command – Kathre
    • Surface Command
    • Submarine Command
    • Fast Patrol Boat Command
    • Mine Warfare Command
    • Naval Logistics Command
    • Naval Aviation Command
  • Eastern Sea Area Command – Koslapylz
    • Majatran Sea Command
    • South Sea Command
    • Naval Infantry Brigade Command
      • Amphibious Command
    • Naval Hydography and Oceanography Command
    • Naval Museum Command
  • Western Sea Area Command – Varishehr
  • Naval Training Command – Kathre
    • Naval Academy
    • Naval High School
    • Naval Training Command

Main Equipment Edit

Navy of Barmenistan
62fast attack and missile boats
35mine hunters
25landing ships
200landing crafts

Air ForceEdit

The Aerial Fighters (Barmenian: Tanhriékshlajhiko) is the air force branch of the Armed Forces of Barmenistan. Supported by in-flight refueling aircrafts, the fighter jets of the Air Force can participate in international operations and exercises on every major continent and return back to their home bases.

Structure Edit

  • Air Force Command
    • Tanker Base Command – Kathre
    • First Air Transportation Main Base Command – Varishehr
    • Second Air Transportation Main Base Command – Zàt'ju'stad
  • First Tactical Air Force Command – Koslapylz
    • First Air Control Command
  • Second Tactical Air Force Command – Salve
    • Second Air Control Command
  • Air Force Training Command – Ekde
  • Air Force Logistics Command – Kathre

Main Equipment Edit

Air Force of Barmenistan
800fighter aircrafts
22early warning aircrafts
320transport aircrafts
45tanker aircrafts
2500unmanned aerial vehicles
120trainer aircrafts
32space-capable aircraft
230military satellites


The Backup Law Enforcement (Barmenian: Hovlorherzmojad) is the gendarmerie branch of the Armed Forces of Barmenistan and is responsible for the maintenance of the public order in areas where the unarmed police forces cannot, as well as assuring internal security and carrying out other specific duties assigned to it by certain laws and regulations. It is an armed security and law enforcement force of military nature.

As part of the Armed Forces, the Gendarmerie Command is subordinated to the general staff of the Armed Forces in matters relating to training and education, and to the ministry of interior in matters relating to the performance of the safety and public order duties. The Commander of the Gendarmerie is responsible to the ministry of interior.

Structure Edit

  • Internal Security Forces Command - Kathre
  • Training Forces Command - Varishehr
  • Police Schools Command - Kathre
  • Logistics Command - Ekde

Humanitarian relief Edit

The Armed Forces of Barmenistan can perform “Disaster Relief Operations” and can conduct peace-support operations anywhere in Terra with a task force of two brigades.

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