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Armed Forces of Cildania
הכוחות המזוינים של קלדר
New Cildania Coat of Arms.png

Founded 1847
Current form 4125
Service branches Cildania Military Coat of Arms.png Cildanian Army
Cildania Navy Coat of Arms.png Cildanian Navy
Cildania airforces Coat of Arms.png National Cildanian Airforce
Sacred Band
Headquarters Qart Qildar
President Samuel Schneider (CDCP)
Minister of Defence Uriel Kleid
General Jeremi Abraham
Available for
military service
30,000,000, age 15–49
Active personnel 450,000
Reserve personnel 2,000,000
Budget 15,000,000,000 Cildanian sheqel.png

Cildania enjoys the protection of a well trained, equipped, and paid military. The Armed Forces of Cildania are divided into four co-dependent branches

The branches are: the Cildanian Army, the Cildanian Navy, the National Cildanian Airforce, and the Sacred Band.