Armed Forces of Cobura
Alasoti Enkobourai
የኮቡራ ጦር
Founded 2116
Service branches Coburan Army
Coburan Air Force
Coburan Navy
Headquarters Sharba
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The Armed Forces of Cobura officially the Coburan National Defense Force or the Coburan Armed Forces are the unified military forces of Cobura. The Coburan National Defense Forces are underneath the command of the President of Cobura who serves as the Commander-in-Chief. The Ministry of National Defense has civilian command and control over the armed forces but the Defense Staff has operational command and control over the CNDF.

In February 4771 the Ministry of National Defense and the Defense Staff began a comprehensive review. Minister of National Defense and Chief of the Defense Staff General Sretomir Vladimirović announced a series of reforms aimed at combating corruption, looting and nepotism within the armed forces as a whole. The Defense Minister also noted the shift to a new force structure adopting a more modern brigade-based command structure.

According to the Zardic Institute of International Relations and Gath Defense Collective Cobura ranks as one of the worlds weakest and most pitiful armed forces.

Paramilitary forcesEdit

According to the Constitution of the Democratic Federal Republic of Cobura each constituent republic is permitted to form their own police and paramilitary forces. The largest paramilitary forces belong to the Tokundians largely due to historical conflicts and differences with fellow ethnic groups in Cobura. These police and paramilitary forces fall underneath the control of the respective heads of government and governments of the constituent republics. These forces can be attached to the larger Armed Forces of Cobura if required in war time.

  • Tokundian Army (Tokundian: Токунданска војска; tr. Tokundanska vojska)
  • Tokundian Police (Tokundian: Токунданска полиција; tr. Tokundanska policija)
  • al-Qalea Police (Coburan Majatran: Shurtat al-Qalea)
  • Martyrs of the Fortress (Coburan Majatran: Shuhada' al-Qalea)
  • Mallan Police (Mallan: ማልላን ፖሊስ; tr. malilani polīsi)
  • Irkawan Police
  • Augustan Coburan Tagmata
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