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Unified Armed Forces
Sjednocený ozbrojené síly
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Unified Armed Forces of Deltaria emblem
Current form 4801
Service branches
Headquarters Čachtice, Darali
Commander-in-Chief Matěj Petr
Minister of War Valentýn Vašíček
Chief of the Command staff Army General Petr Toman
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The Unified Armed Forces (Daralian: Sjednocený ozbrojené síly) is the official name of the Armed Forces of Deltaria. While the Unified Armed Forces is the official name, it is often referred to and known as the Armed Forces of Deltaria. The Unified Armed Forces is comprised of the unified combat forces of the Deltarian military.

The Unified Armed Forces are comprised of the Deltarian Ground Forces, the Deltarian Naval Forces and the Deltarian Aerospace Forces. The Unified Armed Forces are authorized to assist civilian police in law enforcement duties; something that they actively do.

The Military Command Staff and the Ministry of War manage the operations of the armed forces. The latter plays less role in the day-to-day management of the armed forces but is involved in mostly civilian operations. The Federal President is the supreme commander-in-chief and has ultimate authority over the armed forces. The Chief of the Command Staff is the top officer in the Unified Armed Forces.

Overview and leadership[]

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The current leadership of the Unified Armed Forces was appointed in December, 4800.

  • Federal President Koleno (Supreme Commander-in-Chief)
    • Chief of the Command Staff: Army General Petr Toman
      • Commander of the Deltarian Ground Forces: Colonel-General Žigmund Slavik
      • Commander of the Deltarian Naval Forces: Admiral Roland Horák
      • Commander of the Deltarian Aerospace Forces: Colonel-General Jindřich Kočí


Leadership history[]

  • Army General (People's Army) Hubert Horáček - Chief of Staff, Minister of Defense (1 October 4510 - 15 October 4512)
  • Army General (Imperial Armed Forces) Alex Mirav - Chief of the Imperial Staff (18 February 4779 - Present)


Deltaria uses a large majority of locally produced Trigunian equipment, some of which is updated and produced with modernized local variants. The Military Technical Institute "Čachtice" is the primary military technical institute for the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces. Numerous arms factories dot the landscape of Deltaria, though the most prominent are in Darali and most of them are owned by the state; though private-public partnerships are common in Deltaria.