Arthur, President of Dranland 2215-2224, 2231-2245

Arthur was the President of Dranland for a total of 22 years between 2216-2224 and 2231-2245. Combining his two terms he is Dranland's longest serving President. Along with Cwlcymro he was one of the founders of Plaid Gyfreithiol Cymru

Pre-Political History Edit

Arthur was born on the outskirts of Mynydd Mawr in 2149. He, as most Welsh-Dranians of that age were, was taught in Ysgol y Llan. Arthur shunned University to go work for the local school.

Amid growing hatred towards the Scientology government and new found Welsh pride in Elbian Arthur asked a close friend of his to join him in establishing a Welsh political party. His friend refused, but suggested his son, Cwlcymro. Together Arthur and Cwlcymro established Plaid Gyfreithiol Cymru in 2212.

Presidential Control Edit

A year after Cwlcymro became Prime Minister the PGC faced their second election. Not only did Cwlcymro and his coalition get a second mandate but Arthur was also elected President. He served the position for two terms before being beaten by his predecesor Mary Hubbard of Theta.

When the Scientologists dissapeared during the 2230 Olympic Disaster Arthur regained the Presidency with little opposition.

Aging Mind Edit


During the years leading up to his death President Arthur's mind seemed to deteriorate rapidly. While his supporters claimed that his bold, outspoken attacks on his political opponents was simply an old man speaking his mind, others suspected it was signs of mental illness brought on by age. One of the opposition parties launched a medical inquiry but before it got off the ground President Arthur was shot dead.

Death of a Statesman Edit

In August 2245 the PGC held a massive celebration in their spiritual home of Mynydd Mawr, Elbian. The party was to celebrate Prime Minister Cwlcymro's 30 year reign. The whole event was emotional from the very start, with the Booked Animals playing for the first time since the tragic death of their lead singer Carmella Evans. As the festivities came to a close President Arthur took to the stage to introduce Cwlcymro. As the Prime Minister spoke a crazed gunman took to the stage and shot him point blank through the head. President Arthur, the first to react, launched himself at the assassin, grappling the gun from his grasp. The President shot the killer dead before turning at the crowd firing everywhere. A police sniper, contravening direct orders, shot the President dead.

Legacy Edit

The day after the assassination the PGC disbanded. In hindsight it was clear that, between them, Cwlcymro and Arthur had held so much power there was simply no-one to take over the torch. It was fourty years before the Welsh were represented again, and, even though Dim Mynediad was elected President twice he never managed to make the Presidency his own as Arthur did.

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