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Arya Patil
Arya Patil

Minister of Foreign Affairs
In office
November 4th, 2436 – December 9th, 2451

January 1, 2435
Rajin, Malivia
October 12th, 2526
Political party
Ambassador, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Arya Patil was a former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sekowo.


Arya Patil was born in Rajin, Malivia. At the age of five her parents immigrated to Sekowo.

Political CareerEdit

Arya Patil was the first candidate for the office of Foreign Affairs from the Democratic Socialists Party and subsequently the first member of the party to be elected to become Ministerof Foreign Affairs. Arya Patil was also the official Foreign Affairs Secretary of the DSP.

During Ms. Patil's career she negotiated many treaties and agreements, becoming one of the most prolific diplomats in Sekowan history.


Ms. Patil died at the age of ninety-one (91) in Kasmenai of old age.

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