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Total population
80 million-150 million
Regions with significant populations
Talmor Flag.jpg Talmoria 65.8 million
NewKalistanFlag.png Kalistan 2.9 million
Greater Tukarese Flag.png Tukarali 2.4 million
Fasokan, Keobi, Orun, Ganar, Dalehi, Mbowema
Ahmadism, Traditional Asli Beliefs, Hosianism
Related ethnic groups
Orang Asli

The Asli people are an ethnic group originating from the area occupied by the present-day nation of Talmoria, where the majority of their population remains. Nonetheless, there are Asli minorities living in many nations across Terra, notably Kalistan and Tukarali.

History of the Asli People[]

Aslis are believed to originate from present day Talmoria. In antiquity, the Aslis ruled over a vast empire, the Asli Sultanate, on the continent if. However, by the 2100s the sultanate was in decline and the land was eventually colonised by Likatonia.

Since then, Aslis have experienced a mixed history. Brief periods of self-rule interrupted centuries of subjugation by foreign colonists. As a result of continued persecution, many Aslis fled their traditional homelands and established a diaspora across Terra, with particularly high populations in the Seleyan nations of Kalistan and Tukarali as well as smaller groups in Kafuristan and Utembo.


Historically, the Asli people held a wide variety of interconnected polytheistic beliefs which are now sometimes collectively known as 'Traditional Asli Beliefs'. This categorisation is somewhat controversial, though, because it groups together many views which are almost entirely unrelated. Regardless, few today genuinely hold these beliefs with many incorporating aspects of their heritage into more modern faiths.

Most Aslis today practise Ahmadism, especially Israism. Though there are some who adhere to Abadism, in Kalistan for example, they are significantly outnumbered. The extensive Asli diaspora means that Aslis can be found practising most Terran faiths. In Tukarali, there is a notable Hosian population and there are Daenist Asli in the East.

Ahmadism in Talmoria tends to be of the mystical type, with several orders to be found in the country. It has also been influenced by eastern religions such as Daenism.

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