Collage Assedo
Administrative status
Founded 6th century BCE
Population UNK
Region Corgana
Nation Selucia

Assedo is the second largest city in Selucia, after the capital Auroria. Assedo is a sacred city in Selucian Paganism and is the centre of Selucian naval power.

Once upon a time in Selucia the city was the capital of the northern regions of Corgana. The family Asseda (in modern times known as the House of Assedo) gave this city her name. During the Selucian-Cildanian Wars between 398 and 280 B.C.E. Assedo joined the Selucian city-states in their opposition to the Qedarite Empire, and during the wars the temple of Neflons in Assedo became the official meeting place of the Selucian League, essentially making Assedo the official capital of the Selucian archipelago.

The inhabitants are proud of their eldest family and the Familia Asseda sponsored huge parks and gardens for the people. Today Assedo is one of the most important cities and offers well signed recreation areas.

Assedo is also a garrison city and 5 Legions are stationed here with the possibility to use two big training fields outside the city. The major seaport is an important keystone for the northern trading routes and several merchant companies founded their HQs here. So there is no doubt the gods Neflons and Negotius are highly venerated with huge temples. In the surrounding villages and towns the citizens developed fine wines using the hills with their good earth and some tabacco plantations are also working.

Important buildings and placesEdit

  • Praetorium Provinciale
  • Praetorium regionale I aeriae classis Seluciane
  • Circus Assedonensis
  • Theatrum Assedonense
  • Theatrum Poeticum
  • Portus Magnus Mercatorum
  • Portus Classis Selucianae (Selucian Fleet Port)
  • Officinae (industries)
  • Forum Assedonense
  • Forum Hobraziae
  • Emporium Corganae
  • Castra Legionis (5x)
  • Academia Iuris Corganae
  • Scriptorium
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