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The August Revolution (Kyo: 위대한 8월 사회주의 혁명, Draniano: Revolución de Agosto, Draddwyr: Y Chwyldro Awst), known officially as the Great August Socialist Revolution, was a social upheaval in the Third Dranian Federation that led to the rise of the Communists; establishment of the UCCR; and the beginning of the Dranian Civil War.

Causes and Background[]

The Kim Government[]

At the time of the August Revolution; the Chairman of the Federation (Kang Jae-Geun) was an ardent supporter of the KCP-M. Meanwhile; Kim Dae-Sung of the ruling KCP-U announced a new cabinet that removed all KCP-M members from power and would create an alliance between the KCP-U and Taegeuk Alliance. This was a blow to the left; which saw the cabinet as its' vehicle to push the government to the left; and the new decision was considered a betrayal of the revolution. A new law also prevented inflammatory language against the government; angering the Communists.

The Rowis and Dual Power[]

A dual political and economic system had effectively set into place by the revolution; in which a series of workers' councils effectively controlled economic action as the Dranian Federation maintained limited administration. When the government began to reign it in; the workers became mad and armed themselves.

The July Days[]

During the July Days; clashes between law enforcement and Red Guards became more frequent. This led to legal reprisals and more animosity.


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On August 9, 4929; Kim Dae-Sung officially declared that Kang Jae-Geun would be removed from office for "Anti-Federation Behavior"; citing his revolutionary leanings. This infuriated and emboldened the Communists; who had just lost their final major voice in government. Kang was shortly jailed afterwards; and the Dranian Government; fearful of reprisal; called for the dissolution of the powerful Seongtaek Rowi.


Following the removal of Kang; the KCP-M announced that the workers of Drania could stand abuse no longer; and declared the Communists to be in insurrection. The Battleship Haebang quickly sailed from Iglesia Mayor to Seongtaek Harbor; and the Revolutionary Committee of the Communist Party directed loyal cells to seize the means of production and government offices. Haebang fired 3 shots into Seongtaek Harbor at dawn; August 15, signaling the beginning of armed insurrection.

Red Guards, militia men, and armed workers began to seize strategic points of interest such as communications towers, power plants, armories, factories, and Seongtaek City Hall. Workers rerouted infrastructure and train lines, rerouted electricity, and disturbed government communications. The VARA and BNN stations then broadcast the Address to the Kyo People; which announced the birth of the Rowiet Union.

It all came down to the storming of the Government Complex; where an enraged mob of thousands crowded outside the Senate chambers as they attempted to evacuate. The Dranian soldiers protecting the complex sided with the revolutionaries; and Yoon Seok-Jin entered the chambers triumphantly as the Senators were all arrested.


Following the fall of Seongtaek; multiple Rowis launched their own seizures of power (the most prominent being in Iglesia Mayor and Taeyang). The First Rowiet Congress was immediately held in Seongtaek Central Library; where revolutionary power was consolidated. In repsonse; anti-communist and loyalist forces began to arm themselves; eventually beginning what is now known as the Dranian Civil War.

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