Augustan-Tokundian Wars
Augustan soldiers slaughtered by Tokundians
Date 587-1401
Location Central Majatra
  • Settlement of Deltarians;
  • Creation of Tokundian Empire;
  • Fall of Augustan Empire;
  • Caliphate rule in Majatra.
Deltarian Turul.jpg Deltarian Tribal Empire
Tokundian Empire.png Tokundian Empire
Flag of Augustan Empire.png Augustan Empire

The Augustan-Tokundian Wars were a series of military conflicts between the Augustan Empire and the Tokundian-led Deltarians that started with the Deltarian land-taking in Central Majatra in c. 600, and further intensified during the subsequent centuries with the establishment of a centralized Tokundian Empire and its expansion in the 10th and 11th centuries. Between 587-1401 the two sides were in a state of almost constant warfare, and the Augustan-Tokundian Wars were a key factor behind the collapse of the Augustan Empire in 1401, when, after a revolt of the Deltarian tribes against the Tokundians, the latter migrated into Augustan territory en masse, precipitating the Empire's conquest by the Ahmadi Caliphate. In spite of this constant hostility, the Deltarian culture was to a large extent integrated within that of the Augustan Empire, as the Deltarians adopted the Augustan form of Hosianism and many of the Empire's cultural practices, including the title of Czar (from the Augustan title Caesar), the Old Tokundian alphabet (from the Kalopian alphabet), or early Tokundian art.

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