Augustan Church
Σεβαστή Ἐκκλησία
Αυγυστανα Εκλεζϊο
Augustan Church
Type Patriarchal Hosian
Theistic philosophy Monotheistic, Binitarian
Supreme divinity Elyon
Major Prophets Eliyahu, Ariel, Elior, Joshua, Jonathan
Scripture Katub, Annunciation
Governance Episcopal
Headquarters Augusta
Founded 509
Recognition Holy Apostolic Hosian Church of Terra
Liturgical language Ancient Kalopian
Liturgical rite Augustan (OOC: Byzantine) Rite

The Augustan Church (Kalopian: Σεβαστή Ἐκκλησία Sebastḗ Ekklēsía, Augustan: Αυγυστανα Εκλεζϊο Aŭgustana Eklezio) was the state church of the Augustan Empire. The Church was founded in 509 with the official conversion of the Augustan Empire to the Hosian faith, and in 533 the Church participated in the Council of Auroria that founded the Holy Apostolic Hosian Church of Terra, becoming its local branch. As the Augustan Church was closely tied to the Augustan Empire's government, it did not outlast the Empire. Augustan Hosianism was nonetheless adopted by many polities that neighbored the Augustan Empire, including the Tokundian Empire or the Khanate of the Banster. As a Church following the Augustan Rite and controlling most of the territory that was under the jurisdiction of the Augustan Church, the Terran Patriarchal Church is considered its modern heir.


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