Augustin Volkhardt
General Augustin Volkhardt
General Volkhardt in 4749
Head of the Nation
In office
1 April 4750 – 1 August 4754
MonarchAnnalise I Ashé-Rivières
Elector-Premier and Second ConsulHimself
Preceded byPosition established
In office
1 August 4754 – 5 July 4773
Secretary of StateChristian Kvist
Elector-Premier and Second Consul
In office
1 July 4749 – 1 August 4754
MonarchAnnalise I Ashé-Rivières
Head of the NationHimself
Preceded byLílý Mosadóttir
Succeeded byChristian Kvist (as Secretary of State)
Personal details
Born2 August 4682
Kyrmár, Hafnarlavik, Republic of Davostan
Died5 July 4773
Kyrmár, Kovmark, Third Kivonian Republic
Political partyKNSP
ProfessionStatesman, military commander
Military service
AllegianceFlag of Davostan new Republic of Davostan
Flag of Davostan new Federation of Davostan-Kivonia
Davostan flag Kivonian Socialist Republic
NSMC 2 Third Kivonian Republic
Years of service4701-4773
CommandsGrand Armed Forces
Battles/warsKivonian-Telamonese War
Augustin Volkhardt (2 August 4682 - 5 July 4773) was a Kivonian statesman and military general who were serving since 4749 as the Elector-Premier and Second Consul of the second Kivonian Socialist Republic. He was proclaimed on the 1 April 4750 Head of the Nation, and had since made the position the de facto head of government until 4753, when the head of state fled the country, he was then made the official head of state through his position as Head of the Nation. He was supported by the Kivonian National Salvation Party as their front runner in national elections.

Volkhardt showed signs of willing cooperation with High Queen Annalise I Ashé-Rivières and her Second Noble Socialist Party, however, because the SNSP fears that Volkhardt and the KNSP intends on resurrecting the former NSMC dictatorship, they have taken a strong stance against him even threatening with forming a opposition government based in Dovmark, he has issued aggressive statements concerning such actions, and also threatened with arresting the High Queen, declaring martial law and to suppress political dissidents.

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