Augustus the Great
King of Leucopolis
Pharaoh of Irkawa
Emperor of the Augustans (posthumous)
Augustus Great
Reign392 - 433
Leucopolis (Bălgrad), Lochidim (Ushalande)
Full name
Augustus II Diocles
Royal HouseDioclid Dynasty
ReligionSelucian polytheism

Augustus the Great (Selucian: Augustus Magnus; Augustan: Αυγυστο λα Γρανδα Aŭgusto la Granda) was a king of Leucopolis, a Selucian-speaking successor state of the Qedarite Empire. By the age of 43, he had conquered one of the largest empires in history, setting the foundation of the Augustan Empire, which was to carry his name. For that reason, he is considered the first Emperor of the Augustans, although that title did not come into existence until the sixth century.

Conquests of Augustus the Great

The conquests of Augustus the Great

Apart from the Augustan Empire and the eponymous Augustan people, Augustus' legacy includes the cultural diffusion his conquests engendered. He founded some twenty cities that bore his name, most notably Augusta in Cobura. Augustus' settlement of Selucian and Kalopian colonists and the resulting spread of Enetric (Greco-Roman) culture in South Majatra resulted in a new Augustan civilization, which continues to exist in the traditions of Zardugal and Cobura and partially those of other Majatran nations.

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