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Country Selucia
Region Federal City of Auroria
Government Demarchy
  Governing body Curia
  Praetor Civilis Aemiliana Rajani
  Ruling party(s) Selucian Traditional Movement
Area 2,061 km²
Population 8 million

Auroria is the capital and largest city of Selucia. Together with the surrounding townships Auroria forms the Federal City of Auroria, a territory directly subordinate to the federal government and an enclave in Aquilonia. Auroria is one of the world's oldest cities, having been founded, according to legend, in the 8th century BCE. During Classical Antiquity Auroria was a powerful city-state and centre for the arts, learning and philosophy, as well as the unofficial capital of the entire Selucian archipelago. During the Middle Ages Auroria slowly fell under the political control of the Arch-Patriarchy, which had been established in the city since the 1st century CE, and is thus one of the major centres of Hosianism. In modern times, Auroria is a large cosmopolitan metropolis and central to economic, financial, industrial, maritime, political and cultural life in Selucia.



«Auroria, oh Auroria! My sweet heart and hope of my life. Without you I am lost and with you I am lost in eternal love. Nothing else tastes so sweet. Nothing else is holding me like you in your warm and comfortable coat of divine love. Fortunate those who ever felt your affection and miserable those who felt you anger. The pearl of all towns shining brigth golden in eternity. -- Epistula 1,20 Titus Literatus»

The former residence of the Imperator in the capital

One of the main avenues is the Via Imperialis dividing Auroria from NE to SW. This avenue has a width of 50 meters with a green strip planted with trees and a sidewalk in its middle, and each 100 meters a fontain. It is also the place for parades of all kinds - be it after a military victory or the new year's parade. Important festivities are also held here, like the three religious parades to honor the three main gods.

The inhabitants come from all over Selucia and strong communities of foreign people form other Majatran coutries live here too. Auroria is a multicosmos of people bound by the divine might of this city. The inhabitants, despite their varied origins, say in unison: Civis Selucianus ego.

The biggest market place is the Forum Selucianum. It is a combination of religious buildings, stores and market halls as well as cafés, bars, cigar lounges, bistros, restaurants and of course embassies of other nations. Here the inhabitants live their daily life, their joy and their culture. As the capital of Selucia lots of important buildings and companies have their seats here. Big trading guilds and universities of all kinds make this metropolis really the most important city, not only of Selucia but also for the neighbouring nations.

Important buildings and places[]

A lovely resting place in Auroria

  • Domus Consularis (Palace of the Consuls and former Palace of the Imperator)
  • Senatus Selucianus
  • Magistratus (Ministries)
  • Empyrean Temple
  • Pantheon
  • Ara Rei Publicae (Altar of the Republic)
  • Sepulcrum Imperatorum (Mausoleum of the Imperators)
  • Academia iuris maritimi (of the law of the sea)
  • Academia iuris gentium (of international law)
  • Academia iuris peregrinorum (of foreign laws)
  • Academia iuris civilis (of the national laws)
  • Summum Praetorium Selucianum
  • Academia Militaris
  • Academia Navalis
  • Praetorium regionale II aeriae navigationis Seluciae
  • Emporium Maximum Mercatorum (The biggest trading market)
  • Via Imperialis
  • Via Seluciana
  • Forum Selucianum
  • Forum Publicum
  • Forum Aureum
  • Schola Magna
  • Officinae (industries)
  • Colosseum Imperiale
  • Circus Maximus
  • Circus Publicus Magnus
  • Theatrum Selucianum
  • Theatrum Maiatrum
  • Castra Legionis (5x)
  • Castra Legionis Praetoriae (5x)
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