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Type Division of VAG
Industry Automotive
Founded February 4360
Headquarters La Rocher, Novelle Orange
Flag of Alduria Alduria
Key people Robert Catagana (Director)
Camilla Ecco (CEO)
Jadwiga Liszt (CFO)
Products Automobiles
Services Production, Distribution and Maintenance
Area Served Seleya, Artania
Revenue Increase VPO 91.3 billion (4738)
Operating Income Increase VPO 19.9 billion (4738)
Total Assets Increase VPO 221.1 billion (4738)
Employees 102.000 (4738)
Owners VAG (100%)

Avignon is an Aldurian automotive company established in 4360. The company has been created as a wholy-owned subsidiary of the Valruzian Automotive Group. The company manufactures a wide range of passenger vehicles, trucks, engines and sport cars via its subsidiary Laval.

Current ProductionEdit

Exterior Nameplate Notes Assembly Place Av. Price in LOD
Small-sized Vehicles
1aaa Petite 5-seater city car Alduria 1.500 (base)
2aaa Lyonette 5-seater city car Alduria 1.900 (base)
3 Lyonette Estate 5-seater estate Alduria 1.950 (base)
4 Connecto 5/7-seater MPV Alduria 2.100 (base)
7 Amber 5-seater MPV Alduria 2.400 (base)
8 Amber Grande 5/7-seater MPV Alduria 2.500 (base)
13x Excelsis 5/7-seater MPV Alduria
2.700 (base)
Full-size hatchbacks and sedans
5 Larochelle 5-seater hatchback Alduria
2.300 (base)
6 Larochelle Estate 5-seater estate Alduria
2.400 (base)
10 Avantegeux 5-seater sedan Alduria
3.100 (base)
11 Avantegeux Estate 5-seater estate Alduria
3.200 (base)
9cc Gambit 5/7-seater SUV Alduria 2.700 (base)
2018-Renault-Koleos-Signature-10-740x431 Crossventuro 5/7-seater SUV Alduria
3.400 (base)
4 Fauxette 5-seater SUV Alduria
2.600 (base)
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