Party Leader
Florence Kirsch and Jean-Claude Schlechter
September 4364,
rebranded August 4378
Zitadelle, Largonia
Student Wing
Student ADA
Youth Wing
Youth ADA
Hosian democracy
International Affiliation
International Pragmatic Parties
Official Color
Political Position
State Council
36 / 599
Sudish Parliament
12 / 240
Politics of Dorvik
Political Parties of Dorvik

Awaken is a centre-right, Hosian democratic and pro-meritocratic party in Dorvik. It was founded in September 4364 as From The Ashes, and rebranded in August 4378.

The party is a member of the New Dorvik alliance.


Aus Der AscheEdit

The ADA was formed originally in September 4364 by the independent councillors Bernard Kilburg and Ida Kayser, the former from Dorvan and the latter from Largonia. The pair were known in their local areas, and were regarded as representative of the disaffected centre-right who were lacking representation at the time of foundation.

The party quickly grew success and in July 4367 was able to win 149 seats and enter government with the KRA and Libertarians. Bernard Kilburg also won the Presidency, defeating the more left-wing candidate. Ida Kayser became the Internal Affairs Minister The part continued to govern in a centre-right manner, until the dissolution of the Libertarians - who were replaced in cabinet by the centrists. After yet more parties having dissolved, the number of vacant seats made an early election inevitable.

This led to another victory, at 182 seats, for the party in October 4369. Kilburg was re-elected. After this, the coalition with the KRA and centrists continued. The party was embroiled in scandal when Foreign Affairs Minister Esther Fischer entered a spat with the Hawu government over Kurageri elections, in which Fischer had tried to intervene. The coalition was not halted however, and continued.

In 4373, the party lost 93 seats to end up at 89, and lost the presidency with candidate Jan-Henrik Hatrig. Fischer soon became party leader after the loss, and the party tried to continue government under Chancellor Elsa Kuel, a government between the HVV, ADA, Centrists and Kuel's own DVP. This coalition quickly splintered due to Fischer's right-wing politics and ADA Justice Minister Tina Thorn's rehabilitation-orientated strategy on crime, breaking bond with the centrists and HVV respectively.

The party lost further to end up at 79 seats in 4374's snap election - endorsing the HVV's candidate who was ultimately unsuccessful. After this, Fischer promised a 'new kind of politics' and formed an electoral pact called 'New Dorvik' with the DVP, PWS and DNP - a thoroughly right-wing alliance that would put forward once presidential candidate and caucus collectively, as well as try to form governments with each other.

The 4378 elections however went catastrophically for the alliance, and their opponents won a majority and defeated presidential candidate Suzanne Reuter. New Dorvik was left with fewer seats than before, and the right continued to be disjointed. Esther Fischer resigned and was replaced by centrists Florence Kirsch and Jean-Claude Schlechter, who rebranded the party as 'Erwachen'.



Election ResultsEdit

National Assembly of Dorvik and the Presidency
National Assembly
Date Votes Seats Endorsed
1st Round 2nd Round
 % # # +/– Pos. HoG
Jul 4367 24.77% 15,948,504 new
149 / 599

Bernard Kilburg 24.22% (2nd) 15,715,381 50.76% (1st) 29,229,406
Oct 4369 30.19% 18,357,652 Increase 33
182 / 599

Bernard Kilburg 32.84% (2nd) 19,653,312 53.01% (1st) 31,901,529
Oct 4373 15.11% 9,330,405 Decrease 93
89 / 599

Jan-Henrik Hatrig 16.75% (3rd) 10,477,137 Did Not Advance
Jul 4374 13.13% 7,441,730 Decrease 10
79 / 599

HVV's Hermann Hössler 28.51% (2nd) 17,283,187 27.70% (2nd) 13,718,393
Jul 4378 5.86% 3,320,624 Decrease 43
36 / 599

Suzanne Reuter 26.47% (2nd) 15,834,015 Not Required