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Azi Wrntukaidrsme (January 2317-June 2392) was president of Barmenistan from 2371 to 2385 and from 2387 to 2391.


Azi Wrntukaidrsme was born January 2317 in Murdhild City. Her father, Wrntukai Jeztrisrmko, was a journalist and her mother, Jlemai Krsyijkaidrsme, was a lawyer.

After graduating from secondary school in 2334, she attended the University of Kathura from which she received her BA in 2338.

Journalistic career[]

From 2338 to 2341 Yehuda worked as a journalist in Kathura, and from January 2351 to February 2370 as editor-in-chief of the Barmenian News Magazine which she launched.

Political career[]

Wrntukaidrsme joined the Just Freedom Party of the Barmenian People (BRLP) shortly after its foundation in December 2336. She won her first election for parliament in September 2341 and was reelected in every subsequent election until she retired from active politics to become editor-in-chief of the Barmenian News Magazine.

When in February 2370 the offices of head of state and head of government were seperated she agreed to provisionally become president until the following elections. However, by the September 2371 elections she accepted reelection as there was no other candidate, and she was uncontestedly reelected in September 2374, October 2377, and October 2380.

In March 2385 she won only 20.38% of the popular vote in the first round of the presidential election, but decided to run again in September 2387 to prove that she could also win a contested presidential election. This time she was elected with 63.19% of the popular vote and immediately afterwards declared her intentions to retire from active politics by the end of the term.

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