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Bártfai I Cabinet
Date formedFebruary, 4761
Date dissolvedFebruary, 4764
People and organisations
President of the Directorial RepublicVincze Dávid
Grand Director of Prime MinistryMarija Zsófia Bártfai
Member partyMembers:
Opposition partyOpposition members:
Opposition leaderDávid Vincze
PredecessorKovács I Cabinet
SuccessorVincze I Cabinet

The Bártfai I Cabinet (officially the 14th Council of Grand Directors of the Directorial Republic of Endralon) was a government in Endralon.


84 / 195

First Progressive Cabinet Since 4744[]

The progressive forces (DD, Változás, NAP, ZRDP) can form a minority government with the outstanding support the NPP. This was the first progressive cabinet since the pure direct democrat Edy III Cabinet what fall in 4744 when the monarchist crisis begun.

Laws and Bills[]

This cabinet got power when the Senate accepted the 'First Progressive Cabinet Since 4744' bill at February, 4761.

After choices of the Senate, they released the next laws.