Baekgu Dynasty
  7th Century CE - 1721   Flag of the Kingdom of Egelion.svg

            Flag                               Coat of Arms

Baeguk Map
Map of the Unified Kingdom
Capital                     Gongmangdo
Languages             Kyomal
Demonym                Kyo
Government           Monarchy
First                           Baekgu the Great
Last                           Jeong-u
Chief State Councillor
First                           Baekgu Je-ryeong
Last                           Go Joon
Legislature             State Council
Area                          1,201,800 km²
Currency                 Won

The Baekgu Dynasty (officially the Unified Kingdom of the Kyo from 736 CE) was a Kyo dynastic kingdom that lasted for approximately eleven centuries. It was founded by Baekgu the Great, monarch of the Gongmangdo Kingdom (known as Baeguk), in the early 7th Century CE as Kyo Nomads settled permanently on the Dranian Peninsula. Over the span of three decades, Baeguk absorbed the other fractured states of the peninsula through conquest and diplomacy.

Baekgu the Great

Baekgu the Great

Following the unification of the Dranian Peninsula, King Baekgu the Great formalized the Kyomal writing system, Kyogul, reducing the need to rely on more complex Gao-Showa Gaoja script.

In 1633, colonists from Egelion would force Baeguk into a protectorate status, ultimately forcing the abdication of King Jeong-u in 1721 and annexing the nation. Egelion would then found the Vice-Royalty of Drania, centered at the colonial city of Castellón.

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