Baker Cabinet
cabinet of Lisa Baker
Lisa Baker
Lisa Baker
Date formedby October 4724
Date dissolvedFebruary 4735
People and organisations
PresidentMatthew Walter (4724-4728)
Terressa Nickson (4728-4731)
(Blank Candidate) (4731-4734)
George A. Morgan (4734-4735)
Prime MinisterLisa Baker
No. of ministers13
Member partiesSD, Lab, CRP
Status in legislatureMajority Government (4724-4731, 4733-4735)
Minority "Caretaker" Government (4731-4733)
Opposition partiesNULP, SWP, Lib, LIDL
Election(s)February 4724
February 4727
December 4728
December 4731
Outgoing electionMarch 4734
Legislature term(s)3rd Senate of Likatonia
4th Senate of Likatonia
5th Senate of Likatonia
6th Senate of Likatonia
PredecessorTucker II Cabinet
SuccessorWeiss I Cabinet

The Cabinet of Lisa Baker was the government of Likatonia from 4724 to 4735. The cabinet is composed of the Social Democrats, the Labour Party and the Conservative Republican Party. The Presidential Office was held by Matthew Walter and Terressa Nickson from the Social Democrats followed by a blank candidate from the NULP. It was seen as a surprise that the role of Prime Minister was held by a Labour politician and not a Social Democrat politician.


After 4724 electionEdit

54 / 100

After 4727 electionEdit

61 / 100

After 4728 electionEdit

57 / 100

After 4731 election ("Caretaker" Government)Edit

40 / 100

After LIDL dissolvedEdit

40 / 87

After Lib dissolvedEdit

40 / 64
As Caretaker GovernmentEdit
55 / 100

History and Program Edit

This government mostly maintained the reforms already passed. As this government lasted 10 years many laws were passed so this will only show the most important.

The first major law to pass was the lowering of taxation for everyone. This changed Likatonia massively as it removed the long lasting surplus this country had.

Also Vistor laws were relaxed. This made it easier for people to enter Likatonia and help the economy as tourism will grow due to this relaxing of laws.

A change to the Supreme Court was also passed by this government. This made it so the President chooses the members and are voted on by the Senate. This was a change from the independent members who now are mostly alined with a party.

However many bills were passed with mixed support from the cabinet such as the protection of whales and increased civil rights. These were approved by Labour and Social Democrats but voted against by the Conservative Republicans.

However on the defense Lab and CRP agreed and the SD were against changes which were made to the industry to reverse extreme messures they proposed.

Possible replacement governments Edit

This government lasted 4 elections which is very rare in a democray and after the first election there were disscusions of replacing the government. After the 4727 election there were disscusions of changing the cabinet positions to represent the control of the parties but this did not happen in the end and all parties agreed with the current cabinet.

After the 4728 election, the Labour Party and Social Democrats tried to create a government with the Socialist Workers Party but the SWP did not agree to it. Then they tried to create a government with SWP support but that fell through too so the SD-Lab-CRP government was retained.

After the 4731 election the government lost its majority so a new cabinet need to be decided on. In the end a Lib-CRP government with Lab suport was agreed however the Libertarians never voted on it so the current government remained throughout the whole session of the Senate.

After the 4734 election the government was finally changed after the Social Democrats wanted a change of government which let the Weiß I Cabinet replace this government.

Composition Edit

Office Occupant Party Years
President of Likatonia Matthew Walter Social Democrats 4724 - 4728
President of Likatonia Terressa Nickson Social Democrats 4728 - 4731
President of Likatonia (Blank Candidate) National Union for Likatonian Prosperity 4731 - 4734
President of Likatonia George A. Morgan National Union for Likatonian Prosperity 4734 - 4735

Position Minister Party
Prime Minister

of Likatonia

Lisa Baker Labour Party
Ministry of Foreign


Abbie Dan Labour Party
Ministry of Internal


Darius Nelli Social Democrats
Ministry of Finance Amari Dirksen Social Democrats
Ministry of Defence Phillip Virgil Conservative Republican Party
Ministry of Justice Ismahel Rimmer Social Democrats
Ministry of Infrastructure 

and Transport

Don Hukleberry Conservative Republican Party
Ministry of Health 

and Social Services

Añuli Romeijnsen Social Democrats
Ministry of Education

and Culture

Sam Belmont Labour Party
Ministry of Science 

and Technology

Norman Tolvelov Labour Party
Ministry of Food

and Agriculture

Agnes Van 'T Hout Social Democrats
Ministry of Environment

and Tourism

Arethusa Knopf Social Democrats
Ministry of Trade 

and Industry

Samsom Millward Conservative Republican Party
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