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Balogh Márkó
Balogh Márkó

His official portrait as Grand Director

Minister of Defence of the Pre-directorial republic (Endralon)
In office
February, 4734 – June, 4736
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Bircsák Viktor

Grand Director of Defence of the Directorial Republic of Endralon
In office
January, 4741 – January, 4745
Preceded by
Bircsák Viktor
Succeeded by
Bircsák Viktor

Marshal of the Republican Federation
In office
August, 4715 – January, 4734

June, 4690
Crnodovac, Zergon
July, 4783
Political party
Citadel, Hugamest
Soldier, politician

Balogh Márkó is a syldavian-zergonese military marshal and politician, the Marshal of the Republican Federation in the Endralonese Civil War (syldavian: Ndráloni Polgárháború).

Furthermore he was the member of the leadership of the Republic Party, and he was the Minister of Defense and Grand Director of Defense in Endralon.

He died in July, 4783[1] peacefully in Hugamest.

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