Bametism is a Paganist religion founded by Prophet Jirair and Prophet Hovik in 231 B.C.E., the beliefs of which are articulated in the books of both prophets, and worshiping Bamet, Ydos and Udar as the sole divinities. An adherent of Bametism is called an Bametin or a Bameti

All Bametis belong to either Jirairism or Hovikanis while Jirairism is dominant with about 67% of Bametis following it is Hovikanis, as Jirairism is the less orthadox group, while Hovikanis are Right-Winged and Orthadox

Beliefs Edit

Gods Edit

The central Bametin belief is that there are 3 gods and only 3, Bamet to be the creator and ruler of the universe, Ydos and Udar the companions and gods of terra. Ydos controls peace, love, birth & life as Udar controls, jealousy/hate, death and war, Udar and Ydos are both weaker than the almighty Bamet

Afterlife Edit

Bametis believe that all humans are judged at the end, those who have believed Bamet go to Valhalla (Paradise) those who did not believe Bamet go to Ran with Udar in the deep ocean with Draugrs (Ghosts/Demons).

Practices Edit

Bametism has 2 practices, praying and giving week, praying is taken place at home or at a temple the requirements are to confess and to apologize to Bamet 10 times for each sin to Bametism. Giving Week is where you eat on the streets in big tables with all people welcome regardless wealth, race or religion and give the leftovers to the needy, hungry or homeless for 1 week without eating until 12:00PM. Giving Week is not mandatory but you must give leftovers and uneaten food to those in need

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