Barmenian Apostolic Church
ܥܕܬܐ ܫܠܝܚܝܬܐ ܒܪܡܝܬܐ
برمي شليحي قلز
Barm Apostolic
TypePatriarchal Hosian
Theistic philosophyMonotheistic, Unitarian
Supreme divinityAkim
Major ProphetsAriel, Elior, Eliyahu
RegionBarmenistan, Pontesi, Vanuku, Jakania, Kalopia, Beiteynu, Deltaria, diaspora
RecognitionApostolic Church of the East
Liturgical languageClassical Kathuran, Classical Brmek
Liturgical riteKathuran (OOC West Syrian) Rite
Membersc. 57 million

The Barmenian Apostolic Church (Kathuran: ܥܕܬܐ ܫܠܝܚܝܬܐ ܒܪܡܝܬܐ tr: Edta Šlīḥāitā Barmāiṯā, Classical Brmek: برمي شليحي قلز tr: barmî şlîħî iqliz; Modern Jelbic: Brmé Shlihaé Grshjogad) is one of the 5 autocephalous, or ecclesiastically independent, Eastern Hosian churches which make up the Apostolic Church of the East. It was established in Arakhim during the 10th century as part of the Hobrazian Orthodox Church but along with the Badaran Apostolic Church became independent in the late 11th century within the Patriarchal Church (Eastern Rite). From 1154 until the Ahmadi conquest of Arakhim in 1432 it was the state church there. Following the Synod of Aldegaria it was reunited with the Hobrazian Orthodox Church, forming the Apostolic Church of the East.

The Church is headed by the Bishop of Kathura, who holds the title of Patriarch. Graduates from church-run seminaries may be ordained as deacons and eventually priests. They are allowed to marry before their ordination as deacons, but not afterwards. Alternatively they may enter monasteries and/or take monastic vows. If they possess a university degree in theology they become eligible as candidates to the episcopate. Notably the Barmenian Apostolic Church permits the ordination of women up to the rank of Patriarch.

Barmenian Qurbana

Celebration of Holy Qurbana (Mass) in the Barmenian Apostolic Church

The Church's membership has varied widely throughout its long history. From an estimated half of the Barmenian population at the fall of the Kingdom of Arakhim membership declined to around 7% during the 2550. During the subsequent centuries, after a succession of Ahmadi and Felinist theocratic regimes, adherence declined further, but the Church experienced a major resurgence following the ban on Felinism and the subsequent expulsion of Felinists. Under the Nasir Dynasty the Church was established as the state religion of Barmenistan, to a large extent subordinated to the royal family in terms of doctrine and organization, leading to a brief schism and the creation of the Barmenian Church. The schism was ended with the Synod of Qart Qildar which also increased the influence of the Barmenian Apostolic Church. The Church's power reached its zenith with the Synod of Kathura, which effectively placed all of Majatra under its rule, but this influence was largely brought to an end with the official establishment of Felinism and Ahmadism as state religions under the Thaller Family and the persecution of Hosianism.

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