The Barmenian Church
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The double cross of the B.C., who believe that the spirit reside in all.
Theistic philosophyLiberal Bishopal Luthoranism; limited Confessional Ameliorate (reformed).
Supreme divinityElyon
Major PantheonSt. Thomas, St. Sarahae, St. Sanatruk
Minor PantheonSt. Sebastian
Major ProphetsEliyahu
ScriptureThe Hosian Bible (the Book of Creation, the Book of Exile, and the third section of the Book of Law. In addition, the Book of Hymns and Acts of the Epistles)
GovernanceThe Abba; priests and bishops elected by the Congregation.
HeadquartersSt. Thomas Basilica, Kathre (Seat of the Abba)
FounderEksandr of Kathre, Mri of Korat, Kntn of Inefazat (known as Kntn of Kathura).
FoundedApril 8, 3878
RecognitionUnofficial state religion of Barmenia; partially recognized at a local level by the Apostolic Church of Barmenia, due to the dual nature of the Abba.
Separated fromApostolic Church of the East (Barmenian Apostolic Church)
Branched fromThe Apostolic Church In Barmenia (Apostolic Church of the East)
Merged intoApostolic Church of the East (Barmenian Apostolic Church)
Liturgical languageKathuran, Brmek
Liturgical riteKathuran Rite
Number of followers9,463,893 million
TemplesSt. Sarahae's Cathedral (Ur Bahra),
PublicationsThe Reformed Bible

The Barmenian Church (also called the Church of Barmenia) was a reformed branch of the Barmenian Apostolic Church and was created during the early days of the Barmenian Reformation under the Alexandrian Regency. The Church was led by the Abba ('father' in Kathuran) who was elected by majority ballot from among the various congregations. The theological tenets of the church were laid down in three key documents; The Acts of Faith and Worship (3878), The Act of Faith and Sin (3879) and the ten articles on reformed theology (3890). These works detailed a theology rooted in the revolutionary spirit of the era: emphasizing a doctrine of grace and a holy assembly of the Lord's chosen, the church granted power in it's theology away the clergy (the main power which held it in the two other sects) and toward the laymen and women. Existing in a tense relationship with the officially recognized Barmenian Apostolic Church whose leadership it shared, the Barmenian Church was eventually reunified with the latter as a result of the Synod of Qart Qildar, during which some of the tenets of the Barmenian reformation were officially recognized. Barmenian theology and organization were further entrenched within the Apostolic Church of the East with the Synod of Kathura, which granted the Barmenian Apostolic Church a dominant position in Majatra.

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