Jakanian Civil War

Battle of Lalaka
Date May 3188
Location Lalaka, Jakanian
Status Allied Victory
Xinhanl Indrala JelbaniaNewFlag3187Jelbania

Flag of DunanJakania

Xinhanl General Ma Zhong JelbaniaNewFlag3187 Lt. Gen Andy Jackson
Black-and-white-cats Defense Minister Ptah Chartreux
Deltariaflag General Matthew Harmon

Flag of Dunan Defence Minister Aaron Browning

Xinhanl 200,000 JelbaniaNewFlag3187 78,000

Black-and-white-cats 58,000 + 40 cats
Deltariaflag 100,000
Flag of Dunan 40,000

Casualties and losses
Xinhanl 30,000 JelbaniaNewFlag3187 20,000

Black-and-white-cats 10,000
Deltariaflag 25,000
Flag of Dunan 5,000

Battle of Lalaka (May 3188) took place during the Jakanian Civil War and was the first major engagement between Allied Republican and Monarchist forces. Although a strategic victory for the Republicans with the capture of Lalaka, the causalities were quite high on both sides.

Pre BattleEdit

Jelbanian and Barmenian forces arrived in the Jakanian province of Borenu with the intent of capturing its capital city Lalaka. These forces had arrived by Jelbanian naval ships through Majatra lake to the coast. Deltarian troops using the Deltarian railroad along the coast of Majatran Lake met with Allied forces. Before the battle took place, Barmenian cats were sent out as scouts with video camera equipment on their heads. They detected a large base manned by Indrala forces.

Battle of Lalaka May 3188Edit

After scouting the area, Deltarian, Jelbanian, and Barmenian forces attacked the Indrala base adjacent to Lalaka. The city was hit with heavy bombardment from Jelbanian/Deltarian gunships. Indrala retaliated by shelling Allied positions. The result were high casualties numbering in the thousands in the city and camps. Injured Allies were quickly taken aboard nursing ships on Majatra Lake, but Indrala forces were not so lucky.

Battle of Lalaka June 3188Edit

Indrala forces attacked Allied positions as more Allied forces arrived from Deltaria. The Indrala were successfully in dividing the three nations who were not overly coordinated. Language and cultural differences caused unit confusion among the Allies. The Allies retreated to the coast of Borenu, and the Indrala turned back not wanting to be targeted by Jelbanian warships.

Battle of Lalaka July 3188Edit

Allied forces counterattacked Indrala positions with waves of troops. Outnumbering the Indrala, Allies troops nearly overran Indrala positions. Bombing raids from Deltaria were frequent although some of the bombers were shot down by Indrala jets and anti-aircraft guns. The environment was also very inhospitable to the tropical Indrala but advantageous to Deltarians used to the cold southern hemisphere.

Final Siege August 3188Edit

Indrala forces kept a defensive position successfully keeping Allied forces at bay with heavy causalities. However, the cold hurt Indrala morale and those who were injured. Believing the city of Lalaka to not be worth the cost, the Indrala commander ordered a retreated to Sonhata. Allied forces quickly sacked Lalaka only to find themselves dealing with a humanitarian crisis that would slow down later assaults.

End ResultEdit

Allies won a strategic victory by sacking Lalaka but suffered more causalities than Indrala. As the Allies settled in Lalaka, more forces from Likatonia, Rutunia, and Hutori arrived. Indrala was able to claim a public relations victory by stating that they had faced off against several nations and fought honorably.

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