Battle of the Vavalya
Battle of Vavalya

The lead trireme of Dominitus Loterius beginning their assault on the Bendirian fleet.

Date circa 950 BC
Location Off Island of Vavalya
Result Decisive victory for the Nimuneux
Numineux Bendirian
Dominitus Loterius (Zanyali) Vercingetorix Vergentorix (Bendirian)
Zanyal - 68 ships; 1,350 men Bendir - 134 ships; 4,650 men
Military Casualties
Zanyal - 13 ships sunk; 130 men killed, wounded, or missing Bendir - 103 ships sunk; 3,000 men killed, wounded, or missing

La bataille de Vavalya (the Battle of Vavalya)

From 1000 BC to 950 BC the Bendirian Kingdom participated in raiding the small communities of the Numinueux on the Isle of la Tondelle. These raids were small in nature and were content with stealing food, goods, and money from the seaside villages. The Numineux appeared disunited and weak and were unable to mount an adequate defense against the raids. Sensing their weakness, the Bendirian Kingdom gathered a fleet of over a hundred ships to transfer their large army to the Isle of la Tondelle and complete the conquest they had begun nearly 200 years before.

Circa 950 BC, a portion of the Bendirian fleet anchored off the shore of the small island of Vavalya to await the arrival of the rest of the fleet. Here it was met by the much smaller Numineux fleet led by Dominitus Loterius, a transplanted fisherman. A storm was developing on the western horizon and its strong winds scattered the Bendirian fleet, allowing the much more nimble Numineux fleet to destroy the craft one ship at a time.

When the storm finally hit, the Numineux fleet retired to the safety of their harbors while the Bendirian fleet was forced to sail across the Channel and was believed to have been lost. The battle of Vavalya ended the Bendirian push against the Isle of la Tondelle and their attention was soon turned focused on threats from their north.




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