Bewierzów or Bawierzów
Stargard Collage
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Flag Krosno POL
City Insignia
755px-POL Krosno COA.svg
City Insignia
Country 3elkEn Valruzia
Voivodeship Chynberg VS Flag Chynberg Voivodeship
County City with County Status
Districts 8 Boroughs
Founded XXI Century
Seat City Council
(16 City Councilpersons)
 • President Julia Figger (PKN)
 • Total 490.000 (Metro) 875/km2

Under Construction

Republic of Valruzia
Politics PresidentPrime MinisterCouncil of MinistersSejmMarshall of Sejm
Law and Order Valruzian PoliceGeneral ProsecutorValruzian Coastal GuardCustoms OfficeBorder Patrol
Administrative divisions Chynberg VoivodeshipGryfit VoivodeshipKampania VoivodeshipRuzian VoivodeshipValusian Voivodeship
Cities NowogardBrzanskHelGryfitowSzary KamienJeziorne SadyBawierzowGarncagraSzymoniceBaltunowiceSztolniatyDabikPastarniaKninskTrebegowiceUniatow
Economy Corporations in ValruziaTransport in ValruziaNational Institute of Social ServicesWalatomEnerwalWKN Volantis
Military National Forces of Defense of Valruzia
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