FounderMikhail Al-Nazir
ProductsSupermarkets, Convenience stores, Small hypermarkets
ServicesConvenience/forecourt store, discount store, drug store/pharmacy, hypermarket/supercenter/superstore, other specialty, supermarket, online retailer
RevenueDecrease 62.3 billion LOD (4312)
Bazaro Holding is the largest Coburan supermarket chain, founded in 4198 in Qirga, Dilganato.  

Products Edit

Bazaro currently uses three distinct price levels. These include: the 'A-brands', a store brand, and a discount brand named Bazaro Basic. The store offers products at a quality near to A-brand products, but at a lower price. Bazaro Basic products mostly include commodities with a long shelf life. These products share the same simple packaging to uphold the image of a no-nonsense, low-price brand. 

Companies Edit

  • Bazaro - Supermarket
  • Vito X - Discount store
  • Disa - Pharmacy and drug store
  • Hoshe&Nimejo - Alcoholic Beverages store

Bazaro's HQ in Qirga

Store types Edit

The Holding contains several types of stores:

  • 5,772 regular Bazaro stores, ranging in categories 1 (small) to 5 (very large); most open until 21.00, some until 22.00 or even 24.00.
  • Bazaro To Go, 300 convenience stores located in high commuter traffic places such as railway stations offering ready-to-eat products; usually with extended shopping hours, closing between 22.00 and 01.00. There are also some Bazaro To Go stores in Jakania and Zardugal as well. 
  • Bazaro XLhypermarkets located in several Coburan cities.
  •, a web-based home delivery service offering all Bazaro products and those of other Bazaro Holding companies, such as pharmacist and beauty supplicant Disa and alcohlic bevarages store Hoshe&Nimejo.
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