Metropolitan Council of Bekenial

City of Bekenial, Barlowe Tower is in the center, the dark shapes are flocks of birds

Council seat: Newport
Sub-council divisions: 47 prefectures
Main local parties: Bekenial City Party, Adelian Communist Party
Constituency: Adelia
Schedule 2 Composition: 500 elected by proportion, 25 chosen by lot (suspended: 25 hereditary)

The Metropolitan Council of Bekenial is the most populous local council in Hutori, and serves as the capitol of the Kingdom.


Bekenial is at the mouth of the river Adel, extending many miles inland and along the shore. It is divided into forty-seven prefectures, reflecting both traditional boundaries and administrative convenience.


Bekenial's local politics is dominated by the Bekenial City Party, which controls 445 out of the 550 seats in the legislature. The Adelian Communist Party is a distant second. Each prefecture also has its own Board of Commissioners, which oversee specific implementations of council policy. The Boards of Commissioners each are comprised of five members, one hereditary, one appointed by the mayor, one chosen by lot from the prefecture's inhabitants, and two elected from their multiple-member district.

Elections for the legislature are held every seven years; elections for the Boards are held every three. Most elections are not contested.

The government of the Metropolitan Council of Bekenial is headquartered at Newport, on the west side of the mouth of the Adel.


Bekenial is Hutori's most diverse city and the only city where Hutors are the minority, with just 45% of the population. Bekenial is a haven for the Jewish population of Hutori— fully half of Hutori Jews live in the Metropolitan Council of Bekenial.

Bekenial is an extremely populous city, with more than 43 million residents of the Metropolitan Council as of 2892; seven percent of the population of the Kingdom lives in Bekenial.

Major LandmarksEdit

State OfficeEdit


Front of the State Office in 2892

The State Office was built by the Communist government and has served as the host of the legislature and/or executive branch of every regime since. It is on the ocean, which affords the Head of State Suite an unparalleled view of the Aoi Sea.

Palace of the LawEdit


The Palace of the Law sometimes hosts nightclubs after hours.

The restored capitol of the old Democratic Republic of Hutori, the Palace of the Law now serves as the largest museum in Terra, with more than half a million square feet devoted to exhibits of every type.

Royal MarinaEdit


The Royal Marina is a well-known boating destination, here shown in the off-season

The Royal Marina is an enormous recreational boating facility that is a special treat for fans of early Restoration architecture. It was built in the 2850s to accommodate a reinvigorated capitalist class.

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