Beonyeongsalm Palace
Gongmangdo, Dankuk
Beonyeongsalm Palace.jpg
Basic information
Built c. 1150 CE
Type Royal Palace
Architectural Style Traditional Kyo & Neoclassical
Owner Baekgu Dynasty
House of Ryeo
Ryeo Foundation
IESCO Global Heritage Site
Criteria Cultural, (ii.), (iii.), (iv.).
Inscription 4480

Beonyeongsalm Palace was the primary residence of the head of the House of Ryeo, monarch of the Kingdom of Dankuk and Great Kyo Empire. The palace is located in Gongmangdo, the city most central to the history of the Kyo people and the former capital of Kyo monarchies. Today the palace and its grounds function as a museum of Kyo royalty and ancient Kyo history.

In the ancient times Beonyeongsalm Palace was the residence of the Kings of the Gongmangdo Kingdom, and later the United Baegku Dynasty, known as Baeguk. The Kyo Kingdom existed, with varying degree of power, until 1869, following the abdication of King Jeong-u and subsequent annexation by the Selucian Empire.

With the establishment of a Kyo cultural monarchy in the 36th Century, Beonyeongsalm became the official residence of King Haejo's House of Ryeo, descendants of the last Baekgu king. Following the Great Kyo Revolution of 3608 and the creation of the modern Kyo state known as Dankuk, the capital was moved to Gongmangdo and the cultural monarch was elevated to status as head of state. During the Kyo-Indralan Revolutionary War of the 3690s Beonyeongsalm was destroyed, along with much of Gongmangdo. During the fires that destroyed the palace, Princess Ryuko, daughter of King Yongchae was killed as well. Following the war the palace was reconstructed based on its original appearance. Reconstruction was complete in 3703. The palace was again damaged during the Kazulian invasion of 4369-4375 but was rebuilt by the government after the end of the conflict.

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