Province of Bindeborg

Bindeborg flag.png

Bindeborg Province map.png
Map of Bindeborg

Country Davostan
Regional capital Nyberg
  Governing body Provincial Assembly
  Governor Stig Rune
  Ruling party(s) KNSP
Area 56,700 km²
Population 19,987,722

Bindeborg is one of the five provinces of Davostan. The province is the most southern region and is composed of two islands south of mainland Davostan. Bindeborg is the smallest province, but still has a population of up to 20 million people.

Bindeborg is made up of two islands, the northern and smaller island is known as Nyberg, named after the city of Nyberg. The southern island which is three-times larger is known as Bindeborg Proper.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Cities of Bindeborg[edit | edit source]

Name in Luthorian Name in native languages Description
N/A Nyberg Provincial capital,

second-largest city in the province

N/A Storfort N/A
N/A Oskarstad N/A
Eliseburg Eliseborg Larges city in the province,

fourth-largest nationally

Government[edit | edit source]

The government of Bindeborg is of republican form with highly stratocratic elements. There is no specific national law describing who appoints the Governor of the province, but it has been generally accepted that the Head of the Nation does this de facto. The governing body of the province is the Provincial Assembly, the chairman/woman of the assembly is the Governor of the province.

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Administrative regions[edit | edit source]

  • Greater Nybjerg
  • Greater Storholt
  • Greater Avnrup
  • Greater Mollested

Politics[edit | edit source]

At the moment, Bindeborg is dominated like all other provinces by a authoritarian military one-party state, with Stig Rune serving as the Governor from the Kivonian National Salvation Party. Because of the existence of only the KNSP since the creation of the Third Republic in 4754, it is the only party to currently hold power.

Economy[edit | edit source]

Nyberg's primary industry is the mining of ore and precious stones. There is also a significant fishing industry off the coasts. The military industrial shipping complex is also located in Nyberg.

Like Nyberg, the Bindeborg Proper's economy has a large fishing industry. It also has a large agricultural base and livestock traders. Transportation is an essential industry in Bindeborg Proper due to its isolated location. The island has a complex shipping industry and is the largest supplier of navy ships to Davostan. A ferry fleet run by the government and private sector secures transportation of civilians from Bindeborg Proper to Nyberg, Dovmark, and the mainland. The temperature of Bindeborg Proper is warmer than the rest of the nation making it the largest tourist resort.

Geography[edit | edit source]

Bindeborg Proper[edit | edit source]


The island of Bindeborg Proper was created due to ancient volcanic activity. Originally a hot spot, as the plate tectonics moved additional islands were created moving northward. After millions of years the islands came together to form the main island of Bindeborg Proper. Geologists predict that in several million years, Nyberg and Bindeborg Proper will become one larger island. Although mountainous down the center of the island, it also features wide plains and rivers.

Nyberg Island[edit | edit source]

Nyberg is a volcanic island with one active shield volcano roughly in the center of the island. The volcano frequently erupts creating quick and dramatic changes to the islands topography. The island features brief warm summers followed by cold winters. The island would be significantly colder if not for the green house effect created by the volcanic gasses. It is the second smallest island in Terra.

In ancient times, Nyberg was below sea level. Millions of years of volcanic eruptions caused it to gradually rise above the surface.

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