Birrender II, or Birrender Morrevius II, was a Telan (Telamonian) philosopher who established a language in the Five Kingdoms of Telamon, the Classical Telamonese (Telamonese (Language)). He was born in the year 998 in Ferene. One of his famous quotes was, "If no one gives anything to you for all the good work you've done, then don't give anything to your boss for not doing anything.", he was an Endrinist (even though in that times, this ideology didn't exist yet) and didn't like social hierarchies (but he wasn't an anarchist).

Ideology[edit | edit source]

What Birrender II wanted to live was a Parliamentary system based on independent assemblies with no general leader, just independent leader. Each assembly was able to vote for a leader to represent them, and everyone was equal. There would be 5 official assemblies: Ferene, Sevescia, Lirona, Migadon and Antepec, and inside this assemblies there would be organizations or guilds working the same way. No slaves, no rich and poor, no monarchies or dictatorships. Just independent assemblies with one independent leader based on a Parliamentary system. Some people tried to make this possible, but no one ever could.

Federal Collectivism is based on his ideas.

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