The Bishopal Church of Egelion (formally the Ancient Bishopal Church of Egelion or the Church of Nordland of the Ancient Bishopal Cleresy) is a Septentrine Bishopal church in the Kingdom of Egelion and the Mother Church of the Apostolic Union of Nordland, the principle of exponent of Septenterrine theology within the broader Bishopal Communion.

Growing within the historically abjurate region of Caille, which was a missionary area without a formal Patriarchal hierarchy at some point during the 16th century shortly after the Luthoran Abjuration and Free Church Amelioratism had gained hold there. With the Juanezist accusations of heresy against the Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Nordland at the time causing strife with the hierarchy in Auroria, the chapter of Nordland's cathedral elected a new Archbishop without Aurorian approval, appealing to an ancient right of the chapter. This caused a nascent schism between the two.

Today, the Church is organised into two dioceses, the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Nordland and the Diocese of Ostrella, serving a few million faithful. Like many of the Septenterrine churches, the Church values the high church Apostolic liturgy handed down to it canonically. It has, however, reformed its theology significantly in a progressive direction.

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