Mordusian Bishopal
Episcopal shield
Theistic Philosophy Monotheistic
Deity God the Father, Elyiahu the Son, the Holy Spirit
Messiah Elyiahu
Presiding Bishop Bishop Albrecht Hastings
Headquarters Clann, Mordusia
Status Former State religion of Mordusia
Membership 715,639,483
Funding unkown, estimated several billion

The Mordusian Episcopal Church is based on the teachings of Elyiahu. The Church is headquartered in Clann in Mordusia


The Presiding Bishop, who resides in Clann, is the leader of the Church, he is elected from and by the House of Bishops and confirmed by the House of Deputies for a nine year term. Episcopal lands are furthermore divided into dioceses, each led by a bishop.


The Holy Katub is the literal word of our Lord God. The Mother of our Lord Elyiahu, was forever a virgin and thus taken to the heavens. Belief in the Holy Trinity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Our Lord Elyiahu saves us, we must strive to behave as he would.


The Mordusian Bishopal Church began as the Mordusian Coptic Catholic Church. The Coptic Catholic Church was a branch of Terran Patriarchal that split from the Terran Patriarchal Church in 2151. It ran smoothly for 600 years until the Cardinal Riot of 2715. In the Cardinal Riot the Cardinals could not agree over who should replace Pope Petre Flavinof the Devout. The disagreement turned into a fistfight and half the Cardinals were removed from the process. The following 300 years saw a series of "illegitimate" Popes who were not selected by a full College of Cardinals. Finally, in December 3069 the Imperial Diet of Mordusia, using its power over the Church, passed a law that would reform the Church into the Mordusian Bishopal. This system ended the perceived corruption of the divided Colleges of Cardinals.

List of Presiding BishopsEdit

1. Albrecht Hastings (3069 - 3075)

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