The Black Mountain Chain marked in red.

The Black Mountains (Dundorfian: Schwarzberg) also known as the Black Mountain Chain (Dundorfian: Schwarzbergkette) are a series of mountains running from the Northern portion of Rutania and rounding around the Eastern portion of Aloria and running between Largonia and Miktar in Dorvik. They separate the states of Miktar and Largonia, and are home to several industrial and mining communities as well as a strong religious presence. The presence of the Black Mountains, commonly known as the Black Mountain Chain has played an integral part of Artanian and Dorvish history.

The former Rutanian Junkers, now Dorvish noble family of Wädenssteig-Schwarzburg-Stralbrück the Dukes of Schwarzburg, were notably mountaineers and have contributed numerous mountaineers and explorers to the world. General Maximilian Konstantin von Wädenssteig-Schwarzburg-Stralbrück was a noted Gebirgsjäger (Dundorfian: Mountain hunter/troops) officer during the Collapse of the Dundorfian Reich and several other Wädenssteig-Schwarzburg-Stralbrück have served as Gebirgsjäger officers.

The Black Mountain Chain extends into Hobrazia and is known as the Arszan Mountains locally.

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