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A Guide To Particracy

Particracy can seem daunting at first, but it actually is rather simple to get into.

  • 1 2 Things to know
  • 2 Getting started
    • 2.1 Selecting a country
    • 2.2 Your party
  • 3 Building support
    • 3.1 What are bills?
    • 3.2 What are positions?
  • 4 Getting into government

  1. Partiracy's world is not Earth. Real world brands, countries and religions don't exist, but there are alternatives. The Real-Life Equivalents Index has their In Character(IC) alternatives.
  2. In Character(IC) refers to communication in the character of the party you are playing as. Out of Character(OOC) is speech as you personally, out of the character of your party. OOC can refer to IC, but not vice versa.

When you are registering an account, you need to select a country. Each country only allows 8 new accounts, but th…

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Downwithkoizumi Downwithkoizumi 12 May 2021

Might Leave Soon

AP tests are coming up and I can't contribute time; so I might quit in the near future.

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Selfburner Selfburner 27 January 2021


Blog. Didn't know people on wikis have blogs. Weird.

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Jamescfm Jamescfm 16 June 2020

Film pages

A couple of quick notes on film pages, since they're increasingly popular.

In relation to titles, you only need to include brackets after the title of the film if there is likely to be confusion over the pages name. For example, The Great Emir could be confused with a page about a historical figure, whereas it is highly unlikely someone will confuse The Call of Suffering with something else. In addition, the brackets should be in lower case, since they are not the title of the film, see the Vertigo wikipedia page for an example.

Titles of films when they are referenced in the text of an article should be in italics, rather than quote marks. This is in line with the general rules on the titles of works. For categories, the main category should be…

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Jamescfm Jamescfm 10 June 2020

Separating politics pages

The purpose of this post is to seek feedback on a proposed change to the standard organisation of certain pages within the Wiki. At present, most countries have a page titled "Government and politics of Country X" that contains all information about the government and politics of that country. When the policy was adopted, it was not felt that it was necessary to have separate pages for government and politics.

I am interested to know if players think it would be better to separate these pages. Wikipedia has them separate and the two concepts are different things really. If we decided to change the standard naming then we could operate a looser approach for the short-term to allow some time for logistical matters. In spite of the standard pr…

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Aleks2219 Aleks2219 20 May 2020

Why is the site not working? Am i the only one who can't access particracy right now?

User blog:Aleks2219/Why is the site not working? Am i the only one who can't access particracy right now?

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Zardugal Zardugal 3 September 2019


Many pages are outdated. Those badly need some skilled editors for updating.

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ZohiusGaming ZohiusGaming 21 July 2019

Freedom Is A Choice That Only You Can Make

Freedom begins with the individual. If the individual cannot free oneself from their own chains constructed by their mind then freeing them from physical chains is much harder. For one to truly be free, one must realize that he is not only a slave, but also a slaver. Only if you liberate yourself mentally can you ever hope to escape the physical chains that bound you. If one does not choose to be free, one can never be free.

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ZohiusGaming ZohiusGaming 21 July 2019

The Positives of Globalism

Globalism is merely a means of obtaining many goals of many peoples: 1. To reduce and end conflict 2. To spread the wealth and prosperity of wealthier nations to poorer nations 3. To stop persecution and protect rights on a global level 4. To ensure that cooperation becomes a long term tentative alternative to conflict 5. To raise up those at the bottom when it comes to social, political or economic status 6. To ensure the sovereignty of all nations and peoples

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Alaskancrabpuffs21 Alaskancrabpuffs21 18 June 2019

Filling in Historial Figures Gaps

So I just created Trotsky's in game character. I will continue to do that with other famous historical figures such as Julius Ceasar and other (I think hes already been made). Anyways this should help make the wiki more realisticish and I have nothing better to do.

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Alaskancrabpuffs21 Alaskancrabpuffs21 21 May 2019

Once the Game ends...

I feel like this wiki will be a good continuation point. Some people want something new well not me I like where it is at and I will keep roleplaying in the wiki.

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Alaskancrabpuffs21 Alaskancrabpuffs21 28 April 2019

what I am doing

So I am a seasoned Particracy player however I am new to the wiki. You probably won't mind this but I will be active a lot fixing articles and helping Solentia's page and my party page to get better. Also any other pages I see as outdated I will help to finish (like give death dates to "300" year old people)

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Jamescfm Jamescfm 6 November 2018

Flag files

Please see the link here for some information on flag files.

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Zhou SDR Zhou SDR 21 September 2018


  • Cities of Indrala
  • Dalibor
    • Land area similar to Kyrgyzstan/Belarus/Senegal
    • Population division (2,735,952)
      • Dalibor City 1,030,000
      • Yingu 850,000
      • Dongru 400,000
      • Sasekou 200,000
      • Eastern/delta city 100,000
      • Atawan 100,000
      • Eastern/mid city 40,000
      • Gangzhou ~25,000

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Jamescfm Jamescfm 8 July 2018

Wiki tips, tricks, guidelines and precedents

Please see here for some advice for new (or experienced) contributors.

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Doceopterix Doceopterix 1 July 2018

Music Project

What I'm working on now:

I am spending a lot of time working with James to build Terra's music pages.  I've written Reggae, Retro-Futurism, and Electronica pages, as well as contributing to other music pages.

I intend to continue to work on the project, and will be putting in work on the Alternative Rock Music page next and will expand the Rap music page.


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DariusLaux DariusLaux 17 June 2018

Music in Terra Project - RP Additional Information

  • Pop musicrock and roll and modern rock music's origins are from Luthori, were this music is still very popular.
  • Punk Rock origins are from Egelion and Luthori, althought it was even more popular in Egelion/Keris due to its political situations. 
  • Punk Rock's special nightclub is the Punk Machine Club, which closed its doors in 3624. It was located at the Punk Express Street, a street in Egelion that ceased to exist the same year the PMC closed. OOC: The PMC is the equivalent to the Roxy nightclub.
  • Kalistan holds the GanJam , a festival of Ska , Reggae , Punk, Ska-Punk and others.
  • Ska's origins are from Hawu Mumenhes , and it got popular in Kalistan, allowing the creation of Reggae in Kalistan.
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ZohiusGaming ZohiusGaming 20 April 2018

Jiyū Party of Sekowo (自由党)

Current Goals:

Furtherment of Global Freedom (Economic, Social, Political)

Building Foreign Relations


Core Beliefs of Our Party:

Defense of the Individual Rights of All People

Defense of the Individuals right to keep and bear arms

Pro-Life(Individuals right to live is held sacred, non-religious perspective)

Freedom of Speech (absolute, cannot be infringed upon)

Freedom of Religion (Worship who you will)

Individualism (Anti-Collectivism)


Lower Taxes

Voluntary Community

Free-Market Economy

Economic Globalism

Limited Intervention


Freedom, Liberty and Prosperity


Party HQ is in: Tōzan (region), Ishinawa (city)

Secondary HQ is in: 南山府 Nanzan (region…

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DariusLaux DariusLaux 14 April 2018

Music in Terra Project

If you think that Particracy is more than just politics, this project will be interesting for you. This project consists of giving importance to music in Terra by creating pages of bands, music genres and others. Also, you can contribute by making music industries in Terra. 

There are some pages related to music already done, but there are still pages that need your contribution! These are:

  • Jazz
  • Jazz Rock
  • Hip-Hop
  • Electronics
  • Glam Rock
  • Garage Rock
  • Indie
  • Hard Rock
  • Ska (Origins: Hawu Mumenhes)
  • Electronics (Origins: Dorvik )
  • Hardcore Punk (Punk, read its short description)
  • Melodic Punk (Punk, read its short description)
  • Alternative Punk (Punk, read its short description)
  • Ska-Punk
  • Punk mixed with other genres (Electronics, Jazz...)
  • Alternative Rock
  • Darryl Simon (Funk…
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QV73 QV73 14 April 2018

On Wiki Election Pages


I've been doing the Dorvish election pages for quite a while now. Like most PT wiki election pages, sadly I don't have time to make them fleshed out due to work.

I'm writing this blog post to discuss ways that PT election pages can be more commonplace. I don't know if a few people will see this or nobody will see this - I know personally I don't really see blog posts on the PT wiki, let alone read them.

Some of the ideas I've came up with are as follows: using written templates; standardisation; involving people.

Firstly, using written templates. Templates are a great way to cut down on election page meddling. Having a set pattern of words with gaps for respective information massively cuts down the amount of time needed to spend on the pa…

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Jamescfm Jamescfm 1 December 2017

Saridan Cultural Protocol

Below is a working copy of Saridan's cultural protocol. All players (even those outside the nation) are welcome to give feedback!

  • 1 Current cultural protocol
    • 1.1 Overview
      • 1.1.1 Brief Pre-Game History
      • 1.1.2 Recent Immigration
      • 1.1.3 Culture
    • 1.2 Ethnicity

Saridan was settled by various indigenous peoples known collectively as the Ikpi peoples ( who practiced animism before converting to Yazdism ( Overtime, French-speaking people known as Euphitriens ( migrated from the Francophone nations to the south and they evntually came into conflict with the Ikpi peoples. Eventually, white Artanian people began to settle in the nation, …

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Jamescfm Jamescfm 1 December 2017

Nation pages

In the interest of increasing the regularity of pages and making the wiki easier to navigate, it would be beneficial to have certain pages for every nation. Specifically, these include a 'History of', 'Geography of' and 'Government and politics of' (or 'Politics of') page. In order to aid in this endeavour, a table has been created (though it is not yet complete) which lists the relevant pages for each nation; please help by improving the relevant pages for your nation.

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Maxington Maxington 1 December 2017

Project Kazulmark

Project Kazulmark serves as the focus for improving the wiki pages of Kazulia.

  • 1 General
  • 2 Government and Politics of Kazulia
  • 3 Regions
  • 4 Cities
  • 5 Demographics

  • Kazulia

  • Storting
  • Prime Minister of Kazulia
  • Council of Ministers (Kazulia)
  • Government of Kazulia (to be changed to Government and Politics of Kazulia)

  • Dreton
  • Agatha
  • Flindar
  • Hent
  • Kelvon

  • Bersi
  • Eggther
  • Raud
  • Ulf
  • Borgny
  • Elle
  • Skalm
  • Sutherland
  • Ashilde
  • Borghlide
  • Katla
  • Gna
  • Hafleikr
  • Idunn
  • Lamond
  • Asvald
  • Riodhr
  • Thorhall

  • Demographics of Kazulia
  • Kazulianisk 
  • Kazuls
  • Skjölds
  • Danskhas
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Jamescfm Jamescfm 22 November 2017

Government and politics pages

Since Particracy is a politics-centred game, the "government and politics" pages are among the most important on the Particracy Wiki. As a result, I'm attempting to semi-standardise the content and formatting of these pages. More specifically, I'd like to provide an rough outline of the sections which each page should contain in the hope that this will enable players to populate these areas with in-depth content using their existing knowledge of their nation and others. It should be made clear that this is not a binding set of rules by any means but simply a guide for other players to adopt if they wish.

  • Constitution
  • Government
    • (Head of state)
    • (Head of government)
    • Cabinet
    • Current composition
  • Legislature
    • (Upper house (if bicameral))
    • (Lower house (if…
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Jamescfm Jamescfm 3 November 2017

Project Confederation

Project Confederation serves as the focus for improving the wiki pages of New Endralon/Kizenia.

  • 1 General
  • 2 Government and politics
  • 3 History
  • 4 Geography
    • 4.1 Regions
    • 4.2 Cities
  • 5 Culture
  • 6 Demographics

  • New Endralon

  • Government and politics of New Endralon
  • Legislature of New Endralon
  • Cabinet of New Endralon
  • Political parties in New Endralon
  • Judiciary of New Endralon
  • Confederal Court of Justice

  • History of New Endralon
  • History of Kizenia (need merging)

Overview (Autokrator's notes): In ancient history a tribe of Ushalandians moved from Deltaria towards Keris and settled in what is now known as Kizenia. Over time they came to be the Kizenian tribes and developed their own distinct language.

Around the year 700 a Goa-showa people's from lands unknown invaded and settled t…

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Jamescfm Jamescfm 17 October 2017

Project Tropica

As I did with Indrala earlier in the year, I'm going to try and improve the quality and formatting of Tropica's wiki pages. Since it has very little content, this will be a much larger project but this page will be used as a reference point and other contributors are welcome to become involved.

  • Tropica
  • History of Tropica
  • Geography of Tropica
  • Government and politics of Tropica
  • Economy of Tropica
  • Tropican people- and other ethnic groups
  • Languages of Tropica
  • Tropica City
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Jamescfm Jamescfm 9 August 2017

Navbox standardisation

In order to improve the aesthetic value of the wiki and making navigating easier, I'm hoping to standardise the nations' navboxs. This post is to help me keep track of what has been done and what needs doing, others are encouraged to help if they wish. In the end, I hope all will be in the style of the Wikipedia equivalent, as demonstrated below. For those looking to help, I suggest using the New Endralon/Kizenia template and replacing the relevant information.

I've divided the nations into categories to signal priority- category A nations are the lowest priority, category D nations are the highest. Countries in category A are the correct format and are populated with sufficient content, aside from occasional updates they can be considered …

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Jamescfm Jamescfm 9 August 2017

Oceans of Terra

Given the vast underdevelopment of the Oceans within the game, I've decided to embark on a project of adding some depth (if you'll excuse the pun) to them. Some may have noticed that I gave new names to the seas and oceans, these are not binding and shouldn't be considered official but may provide a helpful reference tool. An approximate outline of the five oceans can be found below:

Template: Template:Oceans and seas

List of seas

In order to make development easier, I will be roughly approximating Terra's oceans to Earth's (in terms of wildlife etc.) as follows:

  • White Ocean= Arctic
  • Mad Dog Ocean= Northern Atlantic
  • Red Bass Ocean= Pacific
  • South Ocean= Southern Atlantic, Antarctic, perhaps some Southern Pacific
  • Anantonese Ocean= Indian

Please feel f…

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Jamescfm Jamescfm 8 August 2017

Indrala hub

The Indrala hub is designed to create a single place for organising the development, updating and improvement of Indrala's wiki pages. It allows for all major Indralan pages to be found in a single place and highlights areas for development. As I am no longer playing in Indrala, I won't be actively pursuing this project any longer however other players are welcome to utilise this resource.

  • 1 General
  • 2 Geography
    • 2.1 Places
  • 3 History
    • 3.1 Timeline
  • 4 People
  • 5 Government and politics
  • 6 Culture
  • 7 Economy
  • 8 Navbox

  • Indrala
  • Demographics of Indrala
  • Armed Forces of Indrala

  • Geography of Indrala
  • Ma-Gan River
    • Ma-Gan River Delta
  • Tebie Desert
  • Baitian Valley

  • Province pages (source material)- formerly Akuzia, Kathuran, Luratha, Quibashi and Mishari Karula:
    • Han (eastern China)
    • Anle (southwe…

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Auditorii Auditorii 30 July 2017

Project Wiki

Hey everyone, I am creating this blog to discuss my planned proposal to overhaul to the Particracy Wikia. Please leave comments here if you want to chat about it. You can also reach out to me on Discord or in-game.

The top level are primary categories and the secondary are sub-categories

  • Government and politics
  • Military
    • Intelligence organizations
  • Economics and Finance
    • Corporations and businesses
  • Health and Social Services
  • Infrastructure and Transport
  • Education and Science
  • Culture
  • Geography
  • Political parties
    • Supranational political parties
  • International and party organizations
  • Regional organizations
  • Wars, civil wars and conflicts
  • Religions and religious organizations
  • Nations
  • World Congress
    • General Assembly
    • Security Council
  • Particracy Information (for game terms,…

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BreakDownSoul BreakDownSoul 4 July 2017



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Arapaima13 Arapaima13 29 June 2017


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Labbbor Labbbor 9 June 2017

What we all need to realize

What we all need to realize is that this game could be so much better if the mods sold it to some peopl who actually gave a damn.

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Masionette9 Masionette9 19 April 2017


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Jamescfm Jamescfm 16 February 2017

Community Cooperation

Improvement and updating has begun on the 'Collaborations' and 'Most Wanted Pages' sections of the Wiki. We aim to utilise these as a way for players who want to help improve the Wiki but aren't sure where to begin to focus on the areas which require improvement.

As ever, please contact an Admin/ Moderator with feedback or suggestions!

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Jamescfm Jamescfm 20 January 2017

General Wiki Feedback

As I briefly suggested in my last post, we welcome any feedback or suggestions on the wiki. If you find something frustrating, disorganised etc. and you are feel it deserves our attention, please let us know. Similarly, if you need any help, just ask!

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Jamescfm Jamescfm 17 January 2017

How to start your party page

The How to start your party page has been updated. Please share any feedback about how this could be improved and let me know if you have any areas for improvement. I hope to improve some of the other tutorial-style pages in the near future.

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Nina404 Nina404 8 January 2017



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CCP Wiki Account CCP Wiki Account 30 October 2016



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Fatherland Front Fatherland Front 23 September 2014

Malivian Imperium page gone

What the fuck happened the entire Malivian Imperium page vanished and it reverted to a shittier Holy Malivian Empire version!

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Chechen Nemihai Chechen Nemihai 1 November 2013


Does anyone know how to add pages to a category.

Just add at the bottom of the page you want added to a category. Polites (talk) 16:16, November 1, 2013 (UTC)

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EEL123 EEL123 17 November 2012


We ought to allow all users, not just admins to import stuff from other wikis. Otherwise we'll have to go through the admin bureaucracy, and that can be frustrating for both parties involved.

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Gus Bacon Gus Bacon 9 October 2012


I'm going to run through the entire page of Egelion, proposing to delete pages which are no use anylonger like Constitution of Egelion. I'll also re-shape the history section and stuff like that.

I have the support of the Egelionan Parliament, as you can see here

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Reno Vercetti Reno Vercetti 15 August 2012

Design of a Gao-Showan Federal Monarchic System

The following government and administration system is based on the imperial government of China during the Tang dynasty, with the addition of noble clans, as well as other political entities that might not wish to role play as noble clans, into the system to make it more compatible with the game mechanism of Particracy. As such, while it allows players to role play one of the noble houses within the empire, it also allows players to wish to play as other political entities, such as parties and revolutionaries to have a reasonable stance within the system.

As the system is based on both Japan and China, proper words are rendered in Kanji, with the pronunciation for both native Japanese words and Chinese loanwords. Without specific indication…

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JaguarM40 JaguarM40 4 April 2012

Project Tagalog

Now, we all know Talmoria requires a lot of editing, background history and so forth. So I decided to undertake the role as caretaker of Talmoria. I will be editing Talmoria's pages frequently and adding more information about this reclusive state.

This project will be codenamed TAGALOG because I am from Philippines XD! If you wish to accompany me, then sign up and join the AMIGOS!


I decided to start the Great War of Asli Independence, to get the "WOW" feeling.

Talmoria is based on Africa, might as well based it on Mali. So, having that in mind, I plan to make Talmoria interesting, chaotic and hopefully fun for future players. I just need to get rid of those old pages that are unfinished or completely boring or completely forgotte…

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Aeaolen Kicka™ Aeaolen Kicka™ 29 February 2012


Partyicracy wiki needs leadership in the sense that we have absolutely no one who has rights on the wikia and this could present a serious problem in the sense of vandalism, pages that need to be deleted and overall just need for someone with the rights. I'd like to request that I, with community support be given rights to the wikia and I will also be giving MrBean and Moderation their own powers alongside the creators of the wikia who already have powers. If anyone has problems with this please present them here. -Aeaolen Kicka™ 00:19, February 29, 2012 (UTC)

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