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Bonifaz Voll
Bonifaz Voll

Bonifaz Voll at the Northern and Eastern Security Forum

In office
December 15th, 3884 – December 1th, 3900

Minister of Defense/Minister of War
In office
August 1st, 3861 – December 14th, 3884

March 11th, 3820
August 17th, 3901 (age 81)
Political party
Alma Mater
Ulrich von Groham University-Haldor
Politician, military officer
Dorvish (Kordusian)

Bonifaz Voll (b. March 11th, 3820 - d. August 17th, 3900) was a Dorvish politician and military officer with the rank of General Field Marshall (Dundorfian: Generalfeldmarschall) who served first as the Minister of Defense of the Dorvish Republic; during his tenure as Minister of Defense he is widely known throughout Artania and Dorvik for his massive overhaul of the Dorvish Armed Forces. The reform and subsequent economic boost which it generated made him incredibly popular, following the electoral loss of Tanus von Desidier to Richard Ünterlings in December 3876, Voll took over leadership of the Social Nationalist Party and would become President of the Dorvish Republic in December 3884.

Underneath the Voll administration the Dorvish Republic continued its leading role in the world but domestic troubles would soon diminish the advances that the Dorvish had made underneath Voll. Voll was defeated in December 3900 and passed on August 17th, 2901 at the age of 81. Voll's legacy would live on as a fighter for the Dorvish military and he was subsequently honored with numerous awards, including the Order of the Black Eagle by President Angsar Alaric von Petrov in August 3956 shortly after the Social Nationalist returned to power.

Awards and honorsEdit

  • Order of the Black Eagle (August 3956)
  • Grand Commander of the House Order of Faust-Essen (September 3956)
  • Dorvish Cross with Golden Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds (March 3900)
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