Borromesi's Castle
Castello dei Borromesi
Villa of Borromesi's Castle.jpg
Location Strada Provinciale n.122 km 88,900, Rocca Bassa, Sarregna, Istalia
Construction 1776
Architect Baldassarre Chianello
Affiliation Istalian Empire

The Borromesi's Castle (Istalian: Castello dei Borromesi) is one of three residences of the Istalian Monarch with Quattroregni Palace and the Hunting Residence of Terracche Lakes. The Villa and the surrounding estate belong to the municipality of Rocca Bassa (province of Sasseri), in the north of the Sarregna region of Istalia. It is located on the tip of the small wooded peninsula of Gobba D'orso on the western shore of river Adise, not far from the city of Tropeni.

History[edit | edit source]

An Angelican monastery had existed on the tip of the peninsula of Gobba D'orso since the 13th century, protected by the massive castle of the Borromesi Family at the top of the rocky promontory. The two towers which remain on the property are the bell towers of the monastery's church and the only surviving structures of the period: the castle fell in ruins after 11th century when whole Alaria was conquered by the Nicoman Kings and during the centuries it was used as a veritable quarry of building materials although the rocky peninsula remained property of the Borromesi Family.

Bishop Alfredo Maria Borromesi inherited the property in 1775. In 1776, he converted the monastery structure, abandoned for almost a century, into a villa for use during the summer and added a loggia, which allowed viewers to obtain two different panoramas of the lake.

After the bishop’s death in 1796, the villa passed to his nephew and his descendand. During 19th century, Andrea Lauda-Borromesi was one of the most important supporters of the anti-quanzarian rebels on the continent and the villa became a well known center for activity and meetings, where Istalian patriots flying the quanzar persecutions could find protection. Among Borromesi's guests at the villa was the writer and poet Emanuele Terenzi, who will write the ode of Fratelli d'Istalia, later adopted as National Anthem of Istalia, and who at the time tutored Borromesi's sons.

When the Emirate of Quanzar defeated the Kingdom of Istalia and conquered Alaria the estate and the villa were incorpored by the Quanzar government which made it the summer residence of the Quanzar Governor of the Island.
When the Union of Quanzari Soviets was founded the estate became officially a residence for foreign guests but actually it was mainly used as summer place of the head of state.

When the Quanzarian Republic was established the new Government maintained the ownership of Borromesi's Castle but actually it was abandoned until it was renoved around 37th century and made third official residences of the President of the Istalian Republic.
Today it's still used as summer estate by the current Emperor of the Istalians and its family as one of the official Imperial Estates.

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