Free City of Brzansk
Voivodeship Capital
Collage of Szczecin
From the top, left-to-right: Brzansk City • Brzansk Old Town • Palace of the Constitution and Irczewski's Family Palace • City Cathedral • Brzansk Tower • HQ of Walmaglew
Brzansk flaga
City Insignia
City Insignia
Nickname(s): Brzanka (Tiger Barb)
Motto: Fortius quo fidelius
Country3elkEn Valruzia
VoivodeshipRuzian VS Flag Ruzian Voivodeship
CountyCity with County Status
Districts17 Boroughs
Founded byQueen Mary the Bold
SeatCity Council
(31 City Councilpersons)
 • PresidentAneta Krawińska (PKN)
 • Total1.690.500 (Metro) 1.610/km2
2.350.000 (M.Ar.) 960/km2
 • DensityTemplate:Infobox settlement/densdisp
Demonym(s)Citizen of Brzansk(Brzańszczanin/-czanka)
Postal Code024099-03155
Area Code016
Brzansk (Val.: Brzańsk Speaker listen) or Free City of Brzansk (Val.: Wolne Miasto Brzańsk Speaker listen) is the second-largest city in the Republic of Valruzia with population of 1.7 million inhabitiants. Brzansk is the capital city of Ruzian Voivodeship. The whole metropolitan area of the city covers 2.5 thousand square kilometers and has a population of 2.4 million people.

Situated on the Marska river, Brzansk is one of Valruzia's most important economic centers. It is home to numerous corporations like: BFSWalmaglew, Szwarzentel Investments, Valruzian Armaments Group, Reglair Aircraft Factory and in the past Valruzian Aviation Works.

Brzansk is a major Seleyan science, research, and education hub, with several universities and institutes. Situated on the Marska river, one of three large navigable rivers in Valruzia it is an important economic center. Brzansk produces approximately 7% of the Valruzian GDP. With Nowogard and Hel it is one of the country's three largest economic centers.

Geography and ClimateEdit

Brzansk is situated in the region Central Valruzian Hollow, northeast Ruzian Voivodeship. River Marska flowing through the city is an important component of the city's economy. Tributaries river flowing through the city are Lubawka, and Korteza river.

Brzansk's city climate lies between the humid continental climate and the oceanic climate. The warmest month, on average, is July. The coolest is December. However, the whole territory of Valruzia in winter is relatively warm and temperatures rarely drop below 0 degrees Celsius. Kagan Mountain Range is the only place in Valruzia with snow.

Government and PoliticsEdit

Brzansk is represented in the Sejm and Senate of the Republic of Valruzia by, respectively 23 deputies and 3 senators.

Brzansk is divided into 17 boroughs and similarly as in other large cities in Valruzia citizens elect the Mayor of the City together with 31 councilpersons to represent them in the City Council and citizens of each borough elect councilpersons to Borough Council. Mayors of each borough are elected by members of the Borough Council.


Several major corporations are based in the city, including some of the strategic companies like Reglair Aircraft Factory and BFS. The most heavily represented sectors are the production of automobiles and airplanes, finances, technology, and health care. Around 250,000 people work in downtown Brzansk, comprising one-fourth of the city's employment base. Around 300,000 people work on the outskirts of Brzansk where manufacturing facilities of such companies as the aforementioned Reglair and BFS are located.

The Ministry for Internal Affairs reports the city's unemployment rate at 3.4%. Brzansk-Lesko Special Economic Zone is the fastest growing and most technologically advanced special economic zones. Numerous developments have been recently completed or are in various stages of construction. The city has an estimated 99.2% residential occupancy rate which makes the prices of real estate in the city one of the highest in the country. The office space in the city center is the most expensive in the country with prices surpassing VPO 45,000 per square meter.

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