How To Change A Nations Expenses Edit

To change the allocation of funds in the budget a budget proposal must be brought forth to the cabinet. It requires more than half of the legislature to vote yes in order to pass.

Any political party of the nation, even if they are not head of state, head of government, or head of finance may propose a national budget.

Propose a budget proposal Edit

To propose a budget proposal the person must be a political party of the nation.

The first step is to head to the nations main page and find the position labeled "Cabinet: click here to view the cabinet." This is located below head of government and above house of the people in the Politics section.

Head to the near bottom of the page where it is labeled "Ministers can perform their executive actions on this page." Click on words this page.

Find the section labeled Ministry of Finance. In the actions page you will have a number of actions including Propose spending bill. Click on Propose spending bill.

From there you have a number of options to change the budget of each cabinet to your desired number. When you filled in that number click the update button and the grand total of your proposed nations expenses will appear at the bottom. You may only update one number at a time.

When you are finished this click the Propose button at the bottom and it will be drafted as a bill. After the debate phase when you are prepared to put the bill to vote click on the vote button just like any other bill.

Source: Particracy Forum "How Do I Change Expenses?"

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