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Erardo Pula formed the Cabinet Pula I, the first CC participation in a cabinet, following the 4259 general election after being invited by President Rosso to begin a new government. Prior to the election, Pula had been party leader of the Confederatione Capitalista. It was approved in May 4261.

List of Ministers Edit

Name Party Cabinet Position
Erardo Pula Confederazione Capitalista - I.L. Prime Minister
Ciro Esposito Libertà e Progresso Foreign Affairs
Fernando Scaramuchi Partito Moderato Centrodestra Internal Affairs
Betta Maddaloni Confederazione Capitalista - I.L. Finance
Oscar Ballotelli Partito Moderato Centrodestra Defence
Antonio Ortali Libertà e Progresso Justice
Catullo Stefani Confederazione Capitalista - I.L. Infrastructure and Transport
Cronida Ortolano Confederazione Capitalista - I.L. Health and Social Services
Luca Dragone Partito Moderato Centrodestra Education and Culture
Annunziata Barco Confederazione Capitalista - I.L. Science and Technology
Ibrahim Hussain Libertà e Progresso Food and Agriculture
Mirella Tannarini Libertà e Progresso Environment and Tourism
Dagoberto Vigilante Confederazione Capitalista - I.L. Trade and Industry
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